5 Tips to Use AC Effectively and Save Up on Electricity Bills This Summer Season

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As the scorching heatwave continues to sweep across India, the demand for air conditioners has skyrocketed, providing much-needed relief from the sweltering temperatures. However, extensive use of air conditioners leads to higher electricity consumption and increased utility bills, which can strain the finances of the average consumer. With growing concerns about rising electricity expenses, it’s crucial to find effective strategies to reduce energy costs during the summer season.

Before we dive into tips for using air conditioners wisely while maintaining comfort, it’s recommended to consider opting for smart air conditioners that also offer energy-efficient features the next time you are looking to purchase a new air conditioner. Brands like Haier India provide products with energy-saving features to help reduce electricity bills. Haier India recently launched the Super Heavy Duty Air Conditioner, equipped with Hexa Inverter technology for powerful performance and enhanced cooling capabilities, ideal for enduring India’s harsh summers. Compared to conventional air conditioners, Haier Super Heavy Duty AC consumes significantly less power. This technology is a boon for Indian consumers during the scorching summer months, providing reliable cooling without breaking the bank on electricity bills.

Now, let’s talk about some effective ways to use your air conditioner and save on electricity bills.

Opt for energy-efficient air conditioners

The BEE Star rating represents the energy efficiency of appliances. For instance, a 5-star rating indicates superior energy efficiency. So, when purchasing an air conditioner, opting for 5-star models is a wise investment in the long run. These energy-efficient ACs consume minimal electricity while providing optimal cooling performance. Haier India understands the pulse of Indian consumers and offers air conditioners with energy-saving features that significantly reduce electricity bills. The latest AC model from Haier India called Super Heavy Duty features HEXA Inverter technology, which ensures the AC consumes significantly less power compared to conventional ACs, saving up to 65% energy.

Adjust to ideal temperature


Fine-tune your AC settings to strike a balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Maintaining the temperature between 24-26 degrees Celsius is advisable, as even a one-degree reduction can significantly increase cooling expenses. Utilize the “Auto” function of your AC unit to automatically regulate temperature and fan speed for maximum comfort and energy conservation.


Use fan alongside AC


Enhance the efficiency of your air conditioning by using fans alongside it. Whether it’s a ceiling fan or a portable one, fans help distribute cool air evenly throughout the room. This allows you to set your AC at a higher temperature while still maintaining comfort, reducing energy consumption, and lowering cooling expenses effectively.


Ensure regular maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning your AC regularly is crucial for its efficient operation. Dirty filters and coils restrict airflow, forcing the cooling system to work harder and consume more electricity, which harms both performance and energy efficiency. By following the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning or replacement schedule for air filters and scheduling annual maintenance inspections, you can significantly reduce energy bills.

Opt for Inverter air conditioners


Inverter ACs are renowned for their energy-saving capabilities. Unlike non-inverter models, inverter ACs efficiently lower energy consumption by adjusting the compressor speed according to cooling requirements. While the initial cost of inverter air conditioners might be higher than traditional models, they can significantly reduce your energy bills over time, making them a financially prudent investment. Haier India’s recently launched Super Heavy Duty air conditioner features Full DC inverter technology, known as HEXA Inverter Technology, offering powerful performance and improved efficiency. With enhanced cooling capabilities and long-lasting durability, the air conditioner is specially designed to withstand India’s harsh summers.

Additionally, integrating energy-saving habits into our daily routine can further reduce electricity bills:

  • Keep doors and windows closed while the AC is operating to maintain cool air inside.
  • Avoid frequent switching on and off of the AC during cooling cycles to maintain energy efficiency.
  • Place outdoor units in covered spaces to protect them from direct sunlight and maintain their efficiency.
  • Monitor AC usage for mindful operations, ensuring it’s only used when necessary.

By adopting these simple tips, you can significantly reduce your power bills this summer. Take responsibility for your cooling expenses, implement these clever strategies, and enjoy the benefits of a more energy-savvy and economical lifestyle.

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