82 pc of Indian workers believe it would be easy to progress with specific goals: Report

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New Delhi, June 13 (IANS) About 82 per cent of Indian knowledge workers believe that it would be easier to make progress if they had fewer, more specific goals, a new report showed on Thursday.

According to the data collected by the Australia-based software firm Atlassian Corporation, knowledge workers spend so much time planning and talking about work that it prevents them from actually doing work that matters.

About 76 per cent of workers agree that their team is constantly pulled in too many directions.

“Our results show that high-performing teams build the right foundations for teamwork by making time to improve their processes, practices, and tools,” said Annie Dean, Global Head of Team Anywhere, Atlassian.

“These new ways of working need to prioritise a reality where work does not happen shoulder to shoulder. The internet and AI are going to start to solve these problems for us,” she added.

The report surveyed 5,000 knowledge workers across India, the US, Australia, Germany, and France, as well as 100 Fortune 500 executives.

The report also found that 83 per cent of Indian knowledge workers said it’s more important to quickly respond to messages than it is to make progress on top priorities

About 77 per cent said they are overwhelmed by the number of notifications and messages they receive each day.

Around 68 per cent agree that AI is important, but they don’t get how to use it in their day-to-day work, according to the report.



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