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A five day exhibition “The Future Realization” organized at Indira Gandhi National Centre

Aeon Centre of Cosmology organized a five day exhibition “The Future Realization” at Indira Gandhi National Centre”, New Delhi. The Exhibition reveals sacred geometry of the Mother of   Puducherry’s original vision. The focus is to bring the sacred science among the public.

Our motto is to showcase the superlative vision of the Mother in an efficient way. These 100 exhibits unveil cosmic secrets of the architectural dimensions of Mother. We want humans should have sacred spirituality and morality. They explain importance of the numbers and precise measurements that she mandated for the sacred structure.  For the first time, in 44 years this symbolism revealed in front of public”, said Director Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, who has been decades been studying the Mother plans for the Matri Mandir.

While constructing the Matri Mandir builders at Auroville denied her plan and structured their own version. Consequently, its power and knowledge do not exist in that physical structure.  The final result is not the real manifestation but only the shadow.

To bring the abstract within the understanding of the public, they have been placed side by side with images from the Puranic Age that are the same ‘principles’ but expressed in ancient myths. “The Future Realization” tell us about the ancient knowledge.  The viewers are also given an integral package – number, geometry and architecture.

The Tenth Day of Victory, autobiographical book second volume of  Patrizia Norelli- Bacheleti’s will launch at the exhibition on 4th January.

Richa Rajput


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