Abhay Daanam calls for ban on all kinds of Manja at Jantar Mantar

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Lokesh Goswami | Ashish Tiwari
Dressed as bird and holding signs that read ‘Manja Kills, Ban Manja’ and ‘Say No To Kite Flying’, Heena Yadav an interior decorator by profession, along with other volunteers of Sansathanam Abhay Daanam-Bird Care Shelter and Hospital protested against the sale and use of Manja.

Talking about the protest, a volunteer of Abhay Daanam’s organisation said, that not only use of Manja is harmful and deadly to all the birds, it is also harmful for humans as well. Abhya Daanam is appealing to all the state governments for a nation wide ban on Manja immediately, he added.

He further said that, every year especially in the month of August and Independence Day thousands of birds die or get seriously injured due to kite flying Manja

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