Advantages of using a projector for your home

Television displays, like the screens of modern smartphones, are growing almost daily. Today it is not a problem to find a high-quality 65-inch or even larger TV for a very reasonable price. However, if you want the ultimate cinematic experience, you can’t do without a projector. Contrary to the global thought that the projector is only used in lecture halls, offices, and movie theaters, the market provides numerous home-use models.

With the pandemic and the frenzied popularity of streaming services – home projectors are becoming a new trend. For example, ultra-short-throw models easily reach the 130-inch diagonal and support 4K resolution and HDR effect. Moreover, they cover a more comprehensive range of colors, not lagging behind their TV counterparts. If you’re planning to upgrade to a big screen for Andar Bahar online, would a projector be the best solution? Let’s figure it out.

Laser light source as a new trend

The new global trend in the home projection equipment market has been using a laser light source. As a result, most progressive vendors have completely “switched to the laser.” Why?

Firstly, it significantly saves the cost of ownership of the device. Previously, the projector was expensive precisely because you frequently had to replace costly lamps. Plus, it was also very inconvenient to save energy and turn it off all the time.


Secondly, it prolongs the usage time of the projector. The laser light source enables the projector to be used around the clock, lasting up to 20,000 hours! The daily viewing time of 6-8 hours is about 7-9 years without additional investment.

There are several types of projectors:

  • Slide projectors. These devices are now obsolete but are still in use today. They are capable of projecting only images onto the screen.
  • Overhead projectors. They allow you to display video footage recorded on tapes on screens. They are not popular at the moment.
  • Episcopes. Can project a variety of documents that are in paper form.
  • Multimedia devices. These high-tech projectors allow you to see images and various video files.

Size Matters

Some may ask: “Why do I need a big screen when I’m comfortable enough with devices with much smaller displays?” The answer lies on the surface – size. No, not the display, but the objects on it.

Perceiving the size of an object, the place it occupies in space, and focusing on it, you feel the distance, size, weight, and presence at the moment, and that’s already a nice bonus to atmospherics.

We do not think about the size of objects by watching a movie or playing another masterpiece of the game industry because we already know very well how this or that object looks. Your physical distance from the projector screen will not affect the perception of the image because the size of perceived things will remain habitual. In other words, on the projector screen, you can observe, if not the real, the closest approximation of the sizes of familiar objects.

Atmosphere and comfort for the eyes

It is worth noting that in terms of atmosphere, the TVs won thanks to HDR technology and the ability to view 3D. Now it is not only exclusive to blue screens, as these functions are already available on projectors, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the events on the projection and feel a part of them.

When it comes to eye comfort, this is where the projector has double benefits. Anyone who has ever had an eye test knows that even with excellent vision, it is much easier for the eye to read large letters. Compared to televisions, a projector has the advantage of a larger screen. It is more accessible for the eye to read large letters and easier to see on a larger screen.

However, screen size is only one factor that affects eye comfort. Did you know that your eyes are more comfortable when viewing projected images? It has to do with the effect reflected light and 3LCD technology provide. That’s the big difference between projectors and televisions, which emit light outward, putting extra strain on your eyes. Therefore, we can say that projectors are less harmful to the eyes, and models with built-in 3LCD technology are even advised for use in schools. So now, playing an Andar Bahar online game or watching a movie, you can not worry about your eyesight!

The illumination and the place of placement do not matter.

For convenient use of the latest devices, you do not need to buy additional equipment: speakers, mountings, and long wires. Even the presence of a large room and the proper distance from the projector is no longer required. Modern devices allow you to view content from a distance of less than 1 meter. In particular, some models allow you to get a projection of 100 inches from a length of only 62 centimeters.

Additional technology also dramatically enhances the capabilities of projection equipment. Miracast technology allows for viewing smartphone content and even streaming. The installed Android TV will enable you to broadcast any content, and the presence of HDMI connectors allows you to play it from Blu-ray players, digital TV consoles, game consoles, and other sources.

In addition, modern projectors do not need a darkened room for high-quality and clear images because they have a color brightness of up to 4000 lumens. It allows you to maintain the clarity and quality of the vision even during daylight hours. So you can not worry about buying other blinds, curtains, etc.

Pocket Theater

Home projectors are not only convenient and compact but also lightweight. A relatively small weight (~ 10 kg on average, but depending on the model, the weight can be up to 1.2 kg) allows you to move the device within the house quickly and take it with you to business meetings or even on a trip.

Moving house, moving house, or just a theme movie night with friends – that’s when one of the projector’s advantages comes into play. A compact device is much more comfortable to move between rooms and rooms without worrying about the installation of mounts. Now you are not limited to one room where you and your loved ones can hang out and watch TV.

You’re not even limited to the house itself. The projector’s high brightness allows you to arrange an actual movie theater in the open air (in the evening brightness of 2000 lumens is enough). All you will need is a light wall or cloth, where the image will be projected, and a sound system, as the sound from the built-in speaker will not be enough (alternatively, you can use a regular Bluetooth speaker). Then, using a unique projection calculator, you can calculate the distance from the projector to the screen for the desired projection size.

Today it is challenging to compare TV and projector because they are pretty different. Everyone will find some advantages and disadvantages in technology: someone likes a brighter image, someone – a bigger screen, and so on. The undoubted advantage of projectors is their safety for the eyes, excellent idea, and versatility – they are compatible with many devices and are perfect for home use and entertainment.

Concluding. Should you buy a projector for home?

It all depends on your prejudices. The fact is that purchasing such a device is not likely to save you from buying a TV.

Home theater is better left for the weekends. Since it is more suited as a side means to entertain the whole family.

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