After hot, humid February, March morning brings relief for Delhi with light rain

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Delhi (India), March 1, 2023: In a surprising turn of events, the bustling metropolis of New Delhi experienced a sudden shift in weather patterns as strong winds and light rainfall graced the city this morning.

This unexpected climate change comes on the heels of an unusually hot February, prompting the Indian Meteorological Department to issue forecasts for cloudy skies and thunderstorms in the region.

As per the forecasts, the northwestern and southwestern parts of Delhi, as well as the adjoining areas of the National Capital Region, are expected to receive rainfall. Meanwhile, the maximum temperature is anticipated to decline by 2-3 degrees over the next 48 hours, followed by a subsequent rise over the northern plains.

The latest weather bulletin from yesterday predicts that the national capital and its nearby areas will experience maximum and minimum temperatures of approximately 32 and 14 degrees, respectively. Weather experts have identified a lack of rain as the root cause behind the unusual February temperature, which recorded an average maximum temperature of 27.7 degrees – the highest in 17 years.

As the heatwave forecast for the upcoming months looms over the region, concerns continue to mount over the potential ramifications of a hotter climate, which could put an immense strain on the country’s power network.

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