AICTE Sponsored “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training and Exposure Visit” program concludes at Galgotias University

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Greater Noida, 6th July, 2024: Two-day AICTE Sponsored “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training and Exposure Visit” program at Galgotias University concluded on Saturday.

Through this two-day training program, Invited speakers shared their experiences on many important topics.

Ms. Selvarani, Innovation Officer at the Ministry of Education Innovation Cell, Govt. of India, engaged with representatives from mentee institutes. She evaluated the progress of IIC activities and the submission of ideas and innovations on the YUKTI Portal. Additionally, she provided valuable guidance on IIC Rating and commended Dr. Gaurav Kumar, IIC Head at Galgotias University, for his mentoring support and assistance provided to IIC mentee institutions.

Dr. Sapna Yadav, Project Director of EMC/HOD ICT, SCERT, Government of Delhi, delivered a compelling presentation on innovation’s significance, its link to entrepreneurship, and transforming ideas into ventures. She stressed innovation’s role in economic growth and problem-solving, showing how innovative ideas lead to new businesses. She outlined steps for success: market research, business planning, funding, and execution. She provided strategies for teachers to inspire entrepreneurship, emphasizing a supportive, creative environment. Institutions can aid students through mentorship, networking, and resources. Highlighting success, she showcased the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum in Delhi schools, with testimonies from student entrepreneurs illustrating its positive impact.

Dr. Saurabh Trivedi, founder of IP Samadhan, the second keynote speaker, elucidated the critical role of intellectual property rights (IPR) in fostering innovation and protecting creators’ works. He emphasized the importance of IPR in promoting economic growth, encouraging investment, and safeguarding businesses’ competitive edges. he highlighted numerous case studies, illustrating the advantages and benefits of robust IPR systems. His comprehensive coverage touched on every aspect of IPR, underlining its significance in today’s knowledge-driven economy.

Students from Galgotias University who have their own startups and have achieved success shared their thoughts today.

Arnav Jain, Founder of Stelthera Smart Wearable Medical Watch Company, said, “our Smart Wearable Medical Watch’ not only measures daily health metrics but also addresses the immediate gap in emergency response. This affordable, 24/7 wearable device ensures comfort, promising a transformative impact on personal well-being and safety in a rapidly evolving world.

Vineet Mittal, Founder and CEO of Biopractify Private Limited, provides practical and research-based education by connecting students with top researchers from Ivy League institutions. He said, “I was facing a similar issue of lack of research performance in my studies, which motivated me to solve this problem.

Amay Agarwal, Founder of Nieb Texas (Woodlux) said, “I am making environmentally friendly lights from wood. I have been working on this project for a year since starting my studies at Galgotias University. I have generated a revenue of 5.7 million.

Guddu Kumar, Founder and Director of Aeroworks Drone Technologies Private Limited, mentioned that he is working in the development of state-of-the-art, hydrogen-powered drones. He further stated that their team specialize in sustainable aerial solutions. Their drones will provide exceptional endurance and performance for applications such as aerial surveillance, agricultural monitoring, and logistics. He added that they are working under the theme of “Viksit Bharat” to realize the Prime Minister’s vision.

In the closing session, all participants were presented with mementos and certificates by Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Dr. Gaurav Kumar, and Mr. Kamal Kumar Malhotra. In her closing speech, Dr. Shraddha Sagar wished everyone well and said that we should always move forward in life with new ideas.

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