Apollo Cradle takes new step for the bright future of premature babies.

Vishal Malhotra (Photo & Video) By Rahul kumar jha

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New Delhi;Apollo group of hospitals organised a launching ceremony of eNICU, a new technology to monitor premature babies.

Before, newly born babies were taken care under the guidance of different clinical machineries which Apollo Cradle doctors figured out as a very harmful aspect for a premature baby.

Apollo says ,Today our generation use different social platforms for connecting to people across the globe then why we aren’t using these platforms for clinical purposes?

This new technology by Apollo proves out to be very useful and helpful as premature babies will now be taken care very intensively and all the reports and other aspects that a parent would like to know about their babies.

All the data of these babies will now be stored on cloud so that it could be easily accessible so that if people visits any other hospital afterwards, all the data could easily be there at the doctor’s mail itself.

Group Medical Director of Apollo Cradle Anupam Sibal says,

This new system of NICU that will be managed by electronic system will be really beneficial for women and majorly immature babies. This new system will not let any case wait for the required treatment. Doctors could easily monitor their patient from far if they are not available in the hospital.

Organization Apollo Cradle brings in a new technology for premature babies care that is eNICU(Electronic Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

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