Apple Vision Pro slated to become Revolutionary, Beginning of a New Computing Era, says Time Cook

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New Delhi (India), 6th June 2023: Apple entered the virtual reality industry on Monday with the release of Vision Pro, a new type of virtual reality headset. During the launch Apple emphasised that Vision Pro represents the start of a new computing era and that it will revolutionise the world in the same way that it’s prior products such as the Mac, iPod, and iPhone did.

When introducing Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that “Vision Pro is the new type of computer” that will allow users to seamlessly integrate reality and virtual spaces.

In terms of appearance, the device is composed of curved glass. It contains hardware designed particularly for the device by Apple. This features the R1 silicon processor, a novel sound system that conducts sound rather than directing it into the ears, and a battery that runs the gadget for two hours while not connected to a power source.

The gadget also employs Optic ID, which scans a user’s retina to lock and unlock, as well as Vision Pro. The device is driven by visionOS, a new operating system developed by Apple exclusively for the product.

After donning it, users will be able to view movies, play games, and look through personal images and videos in a 3D virtual area.

Similarly, for communication purposes, the Apple Vision Pro will allow users to make video calls in virtual rooms, which will be more immersive and feel closer to you.

Apple has filed about 5000 patents while developing the Vision Pro, emphasising that it is unlike anything that has come before it. The company’s demonstrations and claims do point to something remarkable. It could be the new form of Computers and could also eliminate the need for a television completely.

But we’ll have to wait before we can say anything definitively. The Vision Pro is currently unavailable. According to Apple, the Vision Pro 2nd Generation will be available for $3499 starting early next year.

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