#Arvind Kejriwal invites #Narendra Modi for an open debate : #AAM AADMI PARTY


The Aam Aadmi Party national convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday (May 8) invited Mr Narendra Modi for an open debate on issues concerning the people of Varanasi.

Kejriwal has requested Mr Modi to choose the venue and time of his convenience and let the debate happen in front of the public so that the people can ask questions to both the candidates about their agenda and vision.

Mr Modi, his Gujarat government and the BJP, all of them, have so far been avoiding any public debate on issues and questions raised by Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP so far.

Whether it be the falsehoods about the so-called faulty development model of Gujarat or the issues concerning the people of Varanasi, Mr Modi and his party have been running away from any debate or discussion, since they are afraid of being exposed.

The BJP has been consistently indulging in attacks on the AAP leaders and volunteers with the sole aim of trying to silence their criticism, in which they have miserably failed so far.
The AAP has strongly criticised Mr Modi and the BJP for politicising the Ganga Arti. As a citizen, any individual can participate in this holy event and the AAP is of the view that the BJP has unnecessarily politicised this issue to create a needless controversy.

It appears BJP leaders Mr Arun Jaitley and Mr Amit Shah deliberately attempted to mislead the media and the people of Varanasi on the issue of Ganga Arti.

It was amusing to see BJP leaders sit on one of the shortest dharnas after they found there was no merit in any of their arguments.

The BJP, which has consistently tried to ridicule the AAP for resorting to public mobilisations and public actions like peaceful dharnas and protests, seem to have had a belated realisation that for a healthy democracy, such actions are a necessity.

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