Aviva Signature Monthly Income Plan launched

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Chennai: Aviva Life Insurance, India’s most trusted private life insurance brand, announced the launch of Aviva Signature Monthly Income Plan. An endowment plan, that is designed to provide individuals and families with guaranteed lifetime monthly income and financial security #ForTheLongRun.

The new plan offers 2 options, designed to ensure that customers receive a Guaranteed Lifetime Monthly Income, providing a steady and predictable financial stream throughout their chosen payout period. This feature aims to enhance financial stability and cover regular expenses, offering reassurance in times of uncertainty.

For individuals of age 25-48, who wish to plan for their retirement, the plan provides Policy Term up to 35 years and Payout Period up to 45 years to guarantee a Lifetime Monthly Income.


For individuals of age 49-60, a Policy Term up to 20 years and Payout Period up to 30 years guarantees a Lifetime Monthly Income for a worry-free retirement.

The plan also caters to the younger audience, with the minimum entry age being 3 years old to ensure a steady stream of regular income to meet the planned and unplanned expenses, such as trips, college fees, bills, gifts, etc.

This tailored approach to financial planning empowers individuals to customize their income streams according to their unique circumstances and goals.

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