Bansi Dhameja launches the translated version of “Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta” in Hindi & Sindhi


By Bipin Sharma
Buoyed by the success of his Hindi poetry book ‘Mann Ke Moti’, and Sindhi poetry book “Mann Ja Manik”, author, social reformer and crusader Bansi Dhameja recently launched the translated version of “Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta” in easy to understand Hindi and Sindhi poetry book. The books present an easy to comprehend translation of difficult to understand 700 Sanskrit Shlokas spread over 18 Chapters for the convenience of countless readers. With the simple language, it not only helps in making the text easy, but also makes it an interesting read.
Dhameja has avoided the use of difficult words as he was conscious of the fact that it becomes necessary to use some uncommon Hindi words while conveying the meaning of Sanskrit Shlokas. The meaning of each Shloka is given in two to four lines in a poetry form which helps him strike a chord with his readers, besides leaving an everlasting impact on their mind.
What makes the book a great read is the fact that it not only highlights the burning issues and challenges of day to day life, but also inspires and enlightens readers on indispensable components of life namely love, harmony, compassion and peace.
Among the distinguished personalities who graced the book launch event on July 8, 2018 at Hari Om Mandir, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi included the likes of Mohini Hingorani (Vice Chairperson Sindhi Academy), Guptji (renowned literary scholar & Writer), Dr Neha Ilahabadi (noted writer), and Abhishek Dutt Municipal Councillor.
The book is an astute and innovative amalgamation of Dhameja’s key learning’s over the last five decades that he has passionately and assiduously strived to convey through the medium of mellifluous poems.
Bansi Dhameja could have easily hung his boots after a rewarding bureaucratic career spanning 35 long years, and with his children well settled in life, to enjoy the post retirement phase of his life, However go- getter and ambitious as he had always been, he opted for a more challenging role, that of being a ‘crusader’ and a ‘social reformer’. He felt a natural pull towards contributing holistically to the society, and motivating people to live a more meaningful and wholesome life. The declining moral values in the society too had a great role in stirring him to play the role of a crusader, a motivator, and an activist.
A gifted orator and a motivator, Dhameja’s first book ‘Mann Ke Moti”, published by Notion Press, Chennai, too is in day to day conversational Hindi.
Sharing more facts and details about his new book, Dhameja says, “Following my retirement, not a day practically has passed when I have not indulged myself in some or the other substantial activity. By ‘substantial activity’, I mean engaging in an act meant towards bettering the lives of those in real need. A ‘book’ is a great medium to influence and inspire masses, and this is why I took to the pen to not just merely convey my thoughts and feelings, but to primarily ensure that the readers especially the youngsters are able to derive the maximum possible benefits out of the same. I have been participating in book reading sessions to elucidate more on the inherent messages embedded in my book. I dedicate my new book to Vimla, my late beloved wife and companion of 45 years. Vimla, was a very loving, self-believing, and a religious person. Above all, she was a great pillar of support for me. After her demise, I have been assiduously working towards achieving my goal of making this world a better place to live in by contributing in whatsoever capacity possible.”


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