Big Players, Startups Race to Develop global Charging Infrastructure amid surging sales of EVs

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Delhi (India), 16th Jan 2023: As electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to pick up pace, both big players and startups in the global automotive industry are investing in the development of charging infrastructure to support the growing demand.

Major car manufacturers such as Tesla and General Motors have been building out their own charging networks in the regions of their operation.

Tesla currently operates over 20,000 charging stations worldwide, and GM announced plans to add 2,700 charging stations at its dealerships in the US by the end of 2025.

US-based startups in the space are also making moves to establish themselves as key players in the EV charging market. Companies like ChargePoint and EVgo have been rapidly expanding their charging networks, with ChargePoint adding over 2,000 new charging stations in 2020 alone.

In addition to building out charging infrastructure, some companies are also developing new technologies to improve the charging experience for EV owners. For example, companies like Plugless and Electrify America are working on wireless charging systems that allow EVs to charge simply by parking over a charging pad, eliminating the need for cords and connectors.

Governments and municipalities are also getting involved in the development of EV charging infrastructure, with many offering incentives and funding for the installation of charging stations in public areas.

Overall, the growing demand for EVs is driving significant investment in charging infrastructure, with big players and startups alike working to establish a foothold in the market.

As this infrastructure continues to develop, it will become increasingly convenient and practical for more people to own and operate electric vehicles.

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