‘Bigg Boss 17’: Karan Johar serves some harsh reality checks to Vicky Jain

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Mumbai, Jan 14 (IANS) In the upcoming ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, significant lessons and a fair share of criticism from Karan Johar will be brought forth, particularly to Vicky Jain and Isha Malviya.

As the family week concluded, all the contestants seemed energised and back in the game after getting some advice and love from family; but amongst them all was Ankita who got questioned by her mother-in-law.

Karan was straightforward in expressing his disappointment with Vicky.

He criticised Vicky for not being more active when Ankita kept apologising for a long time.

Karan pointed out Vicky: “You know what was missing in that conversation? You didn’t even bother to ask why Ankita was saying sorry so much.”

Karan stressed the importance of questioning elders, saying that even though it’s essential to respect them, there are times when they can make mistakes.

For Isha, Karan had a distinct lesson. Isha coined hashtags such as #conveniencekidosti and #useandthrow this week. Karan scolded her for trying to find out personal details about Munawar, suggesting that she was looking for gossip about Ayesha and Munawar.

He pointed out her double standards and reminds her of her own past when she disagreed with accepting Samarth as her boyfriend on national television.



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