BJP Chief Amit Shah says Congress-JDS collision unholy, Congress hits back with same retort 

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New Delhi: War of words between Congress and BJP has not ended yet. Both political parties are playing blame game even after the decision of Karnataka election.

 While addressing media on Monday, both parties levelled slew of allegations against each other. 

While addressing media at party headquarter BJP president Amit Shah that formation of Congress-JDS government in Karnataka is unholy and it will not last long because the people’s mandate is with BJP and against Congress-JDS.

“The Congress-JDS government is unholy and against the mandate of Karnataka.  If we would not claimed to form government before the governor as a single largest party then it will be the double-cross of people’s faith on us,” BJP president Amit Shah said.

Clarifying his stand of audio clip of offering Rs 100 crore to for horse trading, he said “It is fake news spread by the Congress to influence the Supreme Court case. Today, a Karnataka Congress leader admitted on facebook post that this was a fake audio.” 

Moreover, “BS Yeddyurappa never sought seven days time to prove his majority, it was Congress who spread the wrong message. And if Congress, JDS, have not locked their MLAs then voters would advise them, whom they should be with.”

Replying to the question of allegation that BJP unconstitutionally formed government in Manipur, Goa Shah said, “Indeed, Congress was the largest party there but they have not claimed to form government and were in deep slumber. Then, governor asked us to form the government and we succeeded to form the government.”  

Hitting back to the Amit Shah, later, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said that instead of tendering apology, BJP leaders shamelessly speaking false and making baseless claims. 

“If Congress-JDS collision is unholy, then what is JDU-BJP collision in Bihar? PDP-BJP collision in Jammu & Kashmir? There are other examples too. He should do his homework before levelling allegations on Congress,” Anand Sharma said.

Commenting on keeping Congress-JDS MLAs in hotel, Congress leader said, “It is on party, where to keep their MLAs. BJP with the help of central government agencies left no stone unturned to break the MLAs but we succeeded to keep them at bay.”

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