Campaign heat in Hooghly LS seat: Bizarre observations versus satiric jibes

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Kolkata, March 31 (IANS) Hooghly Lok Sabha constituency in West Bengal is witnessing the clash between two celebrity candidates, with the one making
bizarre poll promises and wacky observations on the nature of constituency while the another mocking it with satire soaked remarks.

In the electoral battle here, the limelight is mainly on Trinamool Congress candidate Rachana Banerjee, the anchor of the popular Bengali reality show ‘Didi No 1’ and BJP’s Locket Chatterjee, a film-star of yesteryear and also the sitting MP from the constituency.

Interacting with the media persons in the midst of her campaign, Banerjee said: “I am having coconut water on a regular basis. I have been trying to concentrate mainly on a boiled and light diet. I will concentrate on self-care after two months when the elections are over.”

On Banerjee’s ways to beat the heat during campaigning, Locket Chatterjee said,”I am not even bothered about ‘maintaining’ myself. Let anyone consume coconut water or milk what she desires. I am satisfied with puffed or fermented rice.”

Another observation by Banerjee about the quality of traditional Bengali yogurt in Hooghly while interacting with the media persons has also become viral.

“As I can see, in Hooghly, the growth of thick and long grasses is very high. The cows feed on those naturally-grown grasses, as result of which the milk’s quality is good. Naturally, the yogurt produced from that milk too is so tasty,” Banerjee said.

Not taking much time, Locket Chatterjee replied, “The place where Banerjee is witnessing the rich growth of grass, was actually the site of the almost- finished factory of the small car project of Tata Motors Limited, which was blown by dynamite by the state- government run by her own party.”

The campaign jibe reached a really zesty turn over a bizarre poll promise made by Banerjee as she said that the women from Hooghly LS seat will get preference in getting featured in ‘Didi No. 1’, a reality show in which she is the anchor.

“If I win, my first task will be to have a meeting with the channel authorities which host the show. I will tell them to give first preference to the women of Hooghly. I will tell them that first the women from Hooghly will be featured in the show and then only others will be featured,” she said.

On this poll promise of Banerjee, Locket Chatterjee said, “Life is not a reality show. The people of Hooghly want industry and employment. What will people gain by participating in ‘Didi No. 1.? I am surprised that Trinamool Congress has fielded such a candidate who does not have the minimum knowledge of politics or public aspirations. Does she think the people of Hooghly are illiterate.”

Banerjee had been in the limelight for negative reasons since the day her candidature was announced from Hooghly district.

On that day, Banerjee had expressed doubts about the “real identity” of the women at Sandeshkhali in North 24 Parganas district, protesting against alleged sexual harassment by a section of the local Trinamool Congress leadership there.



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