Clever Harvey launches a JuniorMBA Finance program with Groww

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2nd August, 2022, Mumbai: Clever Harvey today announced the launch of its much-awaited new JuniorMBA Finance program with Groww. Groww is a leading investment platform and invests heavily in consumer education. Clever Harvey has now collaborated with Groww to design a 15-hour financial literacy program for students so that teenagers can understand money management, financial instruments, risk minimization and smart decision making on investments.

“Financial literacy is a crucial skill for everybody – no matter what industry or field they work in, they need to learn how to manage and multiply their money. This is surprisingly lacking in our education system, so we designed this program to fill that gap. Our goal is to build good financial habits early for teenagers and set them up for financial success in their life. We are very excited to be partnering with Groww in this mission.” said Sriram Subramanian, CEO, Clever Harvey.

Among the key features of the JuniorMBA Finance program is its time-efficient nature. There are a total of 15 sessions of one hour each that will be delivered from Monday to Friday for three weeks. The sessions will be held on Zoom and the program offers students flexibility in choosing their batch timings. In addition to imparting financial knowledge, the program also provides a preview of what a career in Finance can look like. The JuniorMBA Finance is open to students aged 13 – 18.

Commenting on the initiative, Varun Gupta, Vice President (Strategy and Operations), Groww, said, “Financial literacy is one of the most underrated skills we need to inculcate in our younger generation. At Groww, we take a series of initiatives to impart financial education across the length and breadth of the country. The JuniorMBA in Finance program will provide the necessary foundation for young investors of tomorrow to make the right financial decisions in their careers”.

The curriculum of the program has been designed in close collaboration with Groww. The topics covered in the program include both theoretical concepts and practical knowledge. Starting from the very basics of money, finance and the financial system, the program delves deeper into debt vs equity, risk management, when to invest in stocks and how to build a well-balanced portfolio for financial success. The program also covers how to read and understand important financial statements like P&L accounts and Balance Sheets, along with key ratios.

The cost of the JuniorMBA Finance program with Groww is Rs 10,000 and the package includes 15 live sessions, conceptual knowledge, practical training, an original project by each student, and a certificate from Clever Harvey and Groww.

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