Cosmetics Marketing And Indian Consumer

Rakhee Gakher, Jstor House of Cosmetics, Gurgaon

A lipstick situated next to a stiletto heel with a shiny background, feel like buying it? – Yes!

So advertisement can make seemingly mundane object converted into a highly desirable product!


Cosmetics advertisements seem to make consumers feel that their current attractiveness levels are lesser than what they ideally should be. We consumers in India by and large cannot distinguish between movies and reality, as so is the case with advertisements. We think what happens in the advertisements is real so we tend to follow them but in the process, lose our identity, gain distorted self-image, low confidence, and poor self-esteem no matter how confident we look from outside to the world. Celebrity endorsement is an efficient marketing strategy but it could be misleading.


Cosmetics are commonly taken to mean only makeup products, such as lipstick, and kajal, and typically meant for women but there are other types too like skincare, personal care, hair care, fragrances e.g shampoo, conditioner, hair colour, soaps, talcum powders, deos etc. that are used by all genders, perhaps from the childhood.


We as Indians require awareness regarding this sensitive topic as the use of cosmetics directly affects our health and our pockets-

  1. India is one of the birthplaces of cosmetics and Ayurvedic sciences. So buy local products made in India. They are more fresh than imported or international products because they reach the shelves of the market faster. They will not be stuck in transit or for customs clearance and hence they do not need an additional preservatives to keep them fresh.
  2. Buy products as much as possible having Indian ingredients as they are known for their goodness from ancient times. Chemicals give faster results so we end up believing them to be good products.
  3. Buy Unisex products, so that every member of the family need not buy a different product for the same purpose e.g. one shampoo can be used by all family members. Saves money too.
  4. Do not fall for expensive & attractive packaging as this takes up the product prices very high.
  5. Stick to your skin & hair types. Read the ingredients on labels carefully. Stop buying overly hyped products.


This article is courtesy of JSTOR Cosmetics; an Indian brand. Everything about the product is sourced and manufactured in India using herbs, shrubs, nuts, fruits, flowers, oils, Ayurvedic ingredients, and other herbs extracts. JSTOR products have not been tested on animals and are eco-friendly.

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