Crystal launches TV Commercial on Trusted Fungicide Brand – Bavistin

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Crystal launches TV Commercial on Trusted Fungicide Brand – Bavistin

  • TVC underscores that Bavistin is zaroori for swasthfarming

New Delhi, November 15, 2016: Crystal Crop Protection Pvt Ltd, a trusted name in agrochemicals, launched an interesting TV commercial, on its popular fungicide – Bavistin. The evocatively-made commercial, is being shown on major television channels, national as well as regional.

The main message of this TVC is it that Bavistin is a “zaroori” (essential) product for all farmers if they want to keep their crop “swasth, and hara- bhara”(healthy).

This has been effectively captured in this imaginatively filmed TVC which takes the message home effectively. It is being aired as 30, 20 and 10 second spots on news and entertainment channels across India like Aaj tak, India TV, ABP Majha, Zee 24 Taas, DD Sahayadri, TV9, Sakshi TV, Public TV, ETV Telegu top name a few.

Launching the TVC, Mr Ankur Aggarwal, MD, Crystal Group, said, “We are happy to launch this TV commercial. It will enhance Crystal’s visibility as a brand leader.   The aim is to provide farmers revolutionary solutions for crop protection and yield enhancement. It underscores the fact that though there are many brands in the market, Bavistin is what the farmer picks up because of its quality. It portrays Bavistin as a trusted crop-protecting, yield-enhancing, portent fungicide, that alone can bring farmers true khush-hali. With this commercial, Crystal aims to improve product awareness and provide farmers integrated solutions for crop protection”

Mr C S Shukla, Sr. Vice President Marketing added, “BAVISTIN is a strong belief. Positive and focused. It has transcended generations and become a tell tale story of faith, routine and endurance.  It is about confidence, commitment and contentment. Thus, Re- energizing brand Bavistin would do good with association on the aspiration and emotional levels.

From its inception, Crystal has focussed on providing complete farm solutions to farmers. This TVC has been one of the first time attempts to make a TVC on agrochemical segment product on FMCG lines.  CRYSTAL is upbeat about its campaign.”

For Indian farmers Bavistin has been synonymous quality. As a seed treatment is widely used on cereals, pulses, and oilseeds. It is also used for controlling diseases as a foliar spray in rice, fruits and vegetables. Bavistin’s treated crop acreage is estimated around 70 lac acres.

Crystal works in three business verticals: agrochemicals, agro-equipment, and seeds. The company now has a strong international footprint in Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, and Bangladesh, and plans to expand to Latin America, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Good manufacturing practices and stringent quality control are the Crystal’s cornerstones.

About Crystal Group

Crystal Group is a Rs1200 crore company founded with the vision of transforming the agricultural industry through promotion and adoption of scientific farming practices from seed to harvest. In this endeavour, the 34-year- old group has become one of the fastest-growing agrochemical companies in India, with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, and micronutrients as part of its portfolio. Through its research and development, product range expansion, innovative technology, and extension services, the company introduces the latest chemical technologies at affordable prices. The focus has remained the highest yield possible, to develop the farming community, and the rural landscape.


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