Delhi: Over 100 challans issued for minor driving offences

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New Delhi, June 2 (IANS) Delhi Traffic Police on Sunday said that they have issued 101 challans for minor driving offences from January till May this year, a significant increase from the 15 challans issued during the same period in 2023.

A senior traffic police officer said that the increase is attributed to the rigorous enforcement strategies and the unwavering commitment of the traffic police to uphold the law.

“Additionally, the rise in prosecutions serves as a deterrent, highlighting the legal consequences of such violations,” he said.

According to traffic police, throughout the current year, they have implemented several strategic measures aimed at tackling this issue.

These measures include heightened surveillance, deployment of additional personnel at key checkpoints, and increased patrolling in areas known for frequent traffic violations by minors.

“The crackdown on minor driving is part of a broader initiative to enhance road safety and reduce accidents involving young and inexperienced drivers. We have been conducting awareness campaigns in schools and communities to educate parents and guardians about the legal and safety implications of allowing minors to drive,” said the officer.

“These educational efforts are designed to complement the enforcement actions and foster a culture of responsible driving from a young age,” the officer added.



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