Differently abled railway staff oppose illegal demands by a section of Locomotor disabled person

Saurabh Kumar / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: Today, “National federation of the Blind” gathered at Jantar Mantar, supporting the central government move on giving equal reservation to all the disabled class in Railways.

As per the federation members, a section of Locomotor disabled persons has been staging a Dharna at Mandi House to exert undue pressure on the Ministry of Railways for acceding to their illegal demand of giving them appointment in excess of 1% vacancies reserved for them by curtailing similar reservation admissible and given to other disabilities including visually impaired persons in respective zonal railways.

In the rally organized on the occasion of International Day for Disabled persons, more than 800 blind people from different states participated to support the decision and action of railways to give 1% reservation, each to four categories of disabilities and complete the present recruitment process on that basis.

Prof Kusum Lata urged the Govt. not to accede the demand of locomotor disabled to curtail the reservation of 1% made in respect of each of the other categories of disabilities and give them appointment in the present recruitment in excess of 1% reservation for them by applying the principle of interchangeability.

During the rally, the blinds and other categories of differently abled people expressed their Gratitude towards the government of India and Piyush Goyal, Minister for Railways for doing justice to all categories of disabilities and for undertaking the present recruitment in accordance with the statute in a very transparent and fair manner.

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