Former Delhi BJP President Vijay Goel Releases Chargesheet Against Kejriwal’s “Zero Action on Pollution”


Prerit Chauhan (Photo/Video) By Lokesh Goswami Delhi :

Air pollution in Delhi has dominated the headlines over the past few weeks and rightly so. The problem is especially urgent because Delhi is not the only polluted city in the country. Eleven of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India.

On Friday, Former Delhi BJP President,Vijay Goel (MoS Parliamentary Affairs) Released a chargesheet against the Kejriwal led Delhi government’s inaction to curb pollution in Delhi. Goel also shared measures to improve the air quality and the current prevailing situation in the capital. Goel was joined by members of Lok Abhiyan and various other RWAs and NGOs.

Goel slammed Kejriwal for his late reactions like plans to implement Odd-Even and zero concrete actions to curb the pollution levels from the word go. Goel said, ”Kejriwal had no long-term plans for the capital post the previous versions of Odd-Even which were a failure as well. Various reports suggest that pollution levels rose to 23% during the second OddEven in April, 2016. Goel said that Kejriwal spent most of his time reviewing movies on Twitter and indulging in blame-game and power tussle.

Goel said, “The situation is so bad that people have left Delhi in certain cases and despite the smog clearing out, the air quality is still not safe. Goel stated that reports point out how youngsters are facing respiratory diseases due to the toxic air quality. He said that the collection of green tax and not spending it accordingly shows AAP’s lack of seriousness in managing the situation and acting only in the last moment just to highlight itself as a messiah of the ‘masses.

Goel further said that lack of public transport, tsunami of public in metro and zero development to control other contributing factors of pollution like construction dust, burning of waste etc. shows that Kejriwal led Delhi government didn’t act on time and pushed Delhi to the brink.

Goel stated that it’s high time that all stakeholders unite and resolve the issue based on facts. Kejriwal needs to come out of his attack and blame-game model and save Delhi from becoming a permanent gas chamber which is leading to serious health issues to people to people of all ages.

Goel added, that it’s time for the public to unite as one and initiate a “Jan Andolan” against pollution and the inaction of Kejriwal led government. Goel invited RWAs, NGOs, traders, students and others to come forward and join this movement to reclaim the right to breathe and make Delhi better again instead of falling prey to theatrics of AAP.


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