Full Statehood Demand: AAP to stage demonstration outside Delhi BJP and Congress offices

Prerit Chauhan/ Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: Aam Aadmi workers will stage demonstration outside Delhi BJP and Delhi Congress offices on March 10 and 11 respectively if the parties fail to make public their political stand on full statehood for Delhi in the next 24 hrs.

Addressing the Media, AAP Senior Gopal Rai said, “From last 4 months, the central government is lying that the Delhi government does not want to regularize unauthorized colonies. If the Delhi government could do this, then where did the central government get the right to make a committee headed by LG? And if LG could do this then why the central government is lying.”

“In order to mislead the people of Delhi, the central government has formed this committee under the leadership of LG.For this, seven BJP MPs and urban development minister should apologize to the people of Delhi,” added Gopal Rai.

He further said, “We wrote a letter to the Congress and BJP state presidents on February 25 and asked “What is your stand on granting full statehood status to Delhi?” So far both the parties have not responded.”

“If they do not give a response to the letter till tomorrow , we will stage a demonstration at the BJP office on March 10 and at the Congress party office on 11 March,” added Gopal Rai.

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