Gogoi’s nomination unpardonable assault on Constitution’s structure: Congress


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After PM Narendra Modi-led central government recommended the nomination of former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi to the Rajya Sabha, Congress slammed the government saying that the action is an unpardonable assault on the basic structure of the Indian Constitution.

Justice Ranjan Gogoi retired in November last year. Justice Gogoi was nominated to fill the vacancy caused due to the retirement of one of the nominated members, senior lawyer KTS Tulsi, who retired on February 20.

The move is condemned by the Opposition, considering it as an attack on the independence of Judiciary.


“The nomination is an unprecedented and unpardonable assault on the basic structure of the Constitution which subsumes the independence of the judiciary as held by the Supreme Court itself,” Congress said.

Further leaders like Abhishek Singhvi and Yashwant Sinha strongly opposed the move.
“Our Constitution is based on the separation of powers with the judiciary and the executive are the pillars of the constitutional jurisprudence. The judiciary thrives on perception on belief, on ”Astha” and ”Vishwas”.
All these pillars have taken the beating,” said Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi.

“I hope former CJI Ranjan Gogoi would have the good sense to say ‘NO’ to the offer of Rajya Sabha seat to him. Otherwise, he will cause incalculable damage to the reputation of the judiciary,” said former Finance and External Affairs Minister Yashwant Sinha.

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