IMA Launches “Relay Hunger Strike” Against Mixopathy across India

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Indian healthcare has developed enormously over last century. Today Indian doctors and Indian healthcare has earned its position across the globe. Almost all countries in the world have Indian doctors delivering the best of their expertise. Medicine, surgery and all faculties in the healthcare have the best Indian doctors as world authorities.

While the entire developed world is getting benefited from Modern Medicine Indian doctors, there is a complete paradoxical situation being created in our country. CCIM notification no. CG-DL-E-20112020-223208 dated 19.11.2020 allowing Aayush people to practice surgery is completely unscientific, unsafe, impractical and is going to push Indian healthcare retrograde. Modern medicine is an evidence-based medicine and has its own backbone of research modules, studied approach and ethically controlled treatment modalities. The modern medicine has its own pharmacopeia developed and strengthened over by various clinical trials. Modern medicine is taught in various medical colleges with thorough 4.5 years course of M.B.B.S. The specialization in surgical specialties need further 3 years of strict learning and practice. The vigorous modern medicine education system gives out a trained surgeon at the end of nearly 10 years. The basic need for medical practice is the quality and safety of the patient. Surgery without proper vigorous training will have disastrous results.

Will anyone of us like to undergo surgery by an unqualified surgeon? The answer obviously will be ‘NO”. Then how can we accept such a baseless notification. This will put the entire system of healthcare in danger. Surgery is a very specialized branch. Surgeon has to know all parts and related anatomy to the perfection to avoid any complication. Presurgical fitness is given by modern medicine doctors. Anesthesia, an integral part and need of any surgery is given by modern medicine. Postsurgical treatment is equally important and needs perfect knowledge and experience to understand the patients’ condition. Best and most important part is to understand clinical judgement when to do surgery and when to avoid it. This judgement is the yield of vigorous modern medicine education and is incomparable, unparalleled. It is next to impossible for untrained people to have right clinical judgement, accuracy in surgery and correct understanding of postsurgical period. In short, surgery is not a cup of tea for anybody other than surgeons of modern medicine.

Modern medicine has various faculties which develop after thorough training. All these faculties work as team during surgery to safeguard life of the patient. How can Ayurveda be allowed to do surgery when they do not have all required faculties developed including pharmacopeia, anesthesia and post-operative medical care?

The recent policy tilt as evidenced in the medical pluralism advocated by the National Education Policy 2020 and the four committees of NITI AAYOG for officially integrating the systems of medicine in medical education, practice, public health and administration as well as research ostensibly for a ‘One Nation – One System’ policy will ring the death knell of all system of medicine as a whole.

The notification of the amendment to the CCIM Act on Post graduate Ayurveda surgery and the entitlement to study and practice independently have to be seen as another step in advancing and legitimizing Mixopathy. In fact, the purity and identity of Ayurveda stands equally challenged. That the council prescribed modern medicine text books and Ayurveda institutions practiced surgery with the assistance of modern medical doctors cannot be reason enough to legitimize encroachment into the jurisdiction and competencies of modern medicine.

IMA opposes and condemns the predatory poaching on Modern Medicine and its surgical disciplines by CCIM. IMA will resist and fight back this criminal plagiarism. IMA sees this as another step to legitimize Mixopathy. This illegal notification by CCIM is the culmination of the Khichadification of medical education and practice initiated by National Education Policy and NITI AAYOG. IMA has launched the freedom struggle of modern medicine from the forces of Mixopathy.

Indian Medical Association respects all streams of healthcare. We object mixing of the streams as it is unsafe and unscientific. People should have right to choose the stream for getting treated by any system of medicine from the qualified doctors of that system. But one doctor cannot give all systems of Medicine to one patient. Mixing the Pathies and providing substandard healthcare is definitely wrong.

IMA demands withdrawal of the CCIM order and dissolution of the NITI AAYOG committees for integration. IMA appeals to the Government to consider the sensitivity of the medical fraternity and take appropriate steps. IMA will be constrained to intensify the agitation until the steps towards implementing Mixopathy are abandoned.

Indian Medical Association is giving immediate directives to all members across the country to start ‘SAVE HEALTHCARE INDIA MOVEMENT’. Under this National movement, IMA will launch massive awareness drive across the country as this is the clear threat to safety of healthcare of people.

  • Pan India Relay Hunger Strike – IMA members and modern medicine doctors across the country will start relay hunger strike. Doctors will stay on hunger strike in turns 24×7 from February 1st, 2021.
  • Posters – IMA will release the awareness posters and banners across the country.
  • People of the country should understand the battle is being fought by us for their safety.
  • All IMA members shall update their Members of Parliament and MLAs regarding the true picture of the notification and integration policy.
  • IMA will also give its rationale representations to all State Governments. Under this Save People Movement, all NGOs will be updated with the core issues.
  • All IMA members will write and convey their feelings to Honorable Prime Minister.
  • All IMA leaders shall visit the various places across the country for public awareness.
  • IMA shall apprise various associations from different countries about this unscientific notification.
  • The global voice of modern medicine shall echo the feelings of Indian Medical Association and it’s all members.

IMA will fight this war for safeguarding healthcare of our country. Now it is peoples’ war to save quality and safety of our healthcare.

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