Indian Online Betting Market in Numbers

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The online gaming business in India is undergoing a revival. Gambling is seen as something of a national sport in the country. Players are increasingly turning to top online casinos rather than traditional land-based casinos. 

With far more gamers keen on knowing about domestic and global casino games and betting, India’s gambling sector has grown. Every year, the popularity of Indian gambling grows.

The online betting sector is expanding, prompting authorities to contemplate making betting completely legal. For the time being, the online casino sector is popular with players who like popular international games such as poker. 

On the other hand, online cricket betting is popular among sports punters. All the same, below is an overview of the Indian betting scene in numbers.

Growth of online betting in India

By the end of 2027, the Indian online gaming industry is expected to have grown by 21.93 percent, reaching USD 9164.42 million. The market’s expansion can be traced to increased internet use. In addition, individuals are increasingly using tablets and smartphones to play online games from the comfort of their own homes.

India is currently missing out on around $1.5 billion in income due to its inability to control online betting effectively. However, internet gambling has grown in popularity tremendously during the previous decade. Approximately 80% of Indians gamble online at least once a year, either on table games, slots, or sports betting. 

The Indian gambling business is worth an estimated $60 billion per capita; roughly half is illegal. Nonetheless, the legislative gap that has been exploited has allowed Indian citizens to gamble on numerous overseas betting companies and casinos. 

Several social and economic indicators indicate that India is developing in the right way. This implies that it will bridge the gap between them and their competition.  

Market statistics

India’s online gambling sector is rapidly expanding, with new operators exhibiting an interest in Indian gamers. The betting sites and sports betting companies operate under the murky boundaries of India’s gaming law. 

On the other hand, the betting legislation makes it easier for internet casinos to operate. This is because it is focused solely on brick-and-mortar casinos and has not been changed significantly for online casinos. 

Horse racing and lotteries are the two permitted gambling activities in India. India might become a focal point for large online casino providers if its gambling rules were made easier.

Every year, more Indian gamers join the various online platforms. Investments in real money are increasing at 20% each year. Despite several limitations, India’s gaming community is expanding remarkably. 

With the present investment rate in online gaming platforms, the industry is expected to approach $1 billion in 2022. Thanks to increasing internet connections in distant corners of the country, the gaming sector has a wide range of players to entice.

Trends in the market

In India, the bulk of the population uses mobile devices to access the internet. Mobile gaming seems to be the way to go for any gaming platform trying to set up shop in India. According to research, an estimated 80% of Indians bet once a year. It might be sports gambling, live casino, lotteries, or any other type of local wager. 

This year, India’s internet users are predicted to increase by double digits. It is expected to reach more than 627 million people in the following years. In metropolitan regions, the internet penetration rate is greater, with 192 million users. 

The difference between India’s urban and rural population demographics is considered, even though the number of people living in rural areas is 259 million. Through the Digital India Project, the Indian government works to promote the internet’s popularity.

Betting on horse races is the most popular, followed by wagering on activities such as cricket and hockey. With the emergence of appealing gambling platforms, poker and slot machines are becoming increasingly popular.

Gamblers might be somewhere around 20 to 45 years old. Despite the availability of gambling platforms on computers, the Indian gaming community favors mobile gaming over computer gaming in casino games. All casinos in the Indian Territory are prohibited by the Indian Gaming Act of 1967. 

Why Indian gamblers love mobile betting

There are two other reasons why online betting is growing in popularity. First, India’s middle class is steadily expanding, and second, cross-country internet infrastructure is improving and becoming more accessible every day. 

In twenty-five years, the number of Indian households with discretionary incomes over $10,000 has increased twentyfold. This allows the ordinary Indian family to enjoy a lifestyle comparable to that of families worldwide.

The number of smartphone owners in the country best reflects the country’s rising affluence. In 2022, it is expected that the number of smartphone owners will exceed 760 million.

 According to a United Nations projection, India’s population would overtake China’s by 2022. India’s middle-class population is predicted to surpass China, the United States, and Europe by 2027.

The Indian middle class has more spare time, internet access, and popular smart devices than any social circle. This prompts people to seek leisure online, primarily at casinos that are mobile-friendly and computer. They do not need to go to Goa to play games; they may do it from the comfort of their own home.

Even when the smartphone user lives in the countryside, there is a good possibility he has an internet connection. India has the world’s second-largest number of internet users. They can play famous casino games in the touch of their hands and put bets with the tip of their fingers. They are not required to go to the next state having a land-based casino or enter a betting establishment.

Which games do Indians play?

Slots are preferred by players worldwide above any other gambling game. They are vivid, colorful, and offer intriguing visual and auditory effects. Additionally, they have unique features triggered when you hit the pay line. 

Surprisingly, the most popular games among Indians are actual local favorites like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. These are popularly played at live online casinos that offer an original and genuine gambling experience. They come with real expert dealers and glitzy studios.

Indian Rummy is another popular game; however, it is considerably more difficult to locate in overseas casinos than the former two. The majority of players favor slots. Then there’s baccarat, which is a casino mainstay. In Asia, this card game is quite popular.

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