India’s first ever Artificial Intelligence powered health clinic, Zini launched in Mattaur village of Mohali

9th August 2022, Mohali/ New Delhi: India’s first ever Artificial Intelligence powered health clinic, ZINI, has been inaugurated on 7th August 2022 by Ex -Mayor and present Member Legislative Assembly, Mr. Kulwant Singh, AAP with an aim to provide timely medical help and genuine expert guidance to the people in the region. The event was also graced by the humble presence of Mr. Harpal Singh Channa, Municipal Commissioner, Mattaur Village and Prominent Social worker, Mr. BS Boparai.

Earlier this year, Zini was awarded a sum of 25.5 Lakhs to open 3 Zini clinics- 5-minute clinics across regions under the HDFC Bank- 5th Annual Parivartan Grant.  The grant has been offered under the aegis of #Parivartan, the flagship CSR program for the bank’s social initiatives.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kulwant Singh, Ex-Mayor Mohali and Member of Legislative Assembly, AAP said, “The Government of Punjab is very much in support of the gap that Zini has come forward to bridge in the medical difficulties that we are facing today. We urge the big names in the corporate world to offer funds similar to what ZINI has received the from HDFC bank and collectively come up with easy solutions for the pertaining problems. We are in full support of the Zini Clinics and wish them best for their future endeavours.”

The launch of the Zini’s 5-minute clinic aims to bridge the gap between the people and the un-availability of the relevant medical help in these regions. The chatbot, can automate the medical history-recording process, the first step in patient management, and help a doctor figure out what is the cause of a patient’s symptoms. The Zini chatbots can further be used in the government initiatives such as Ayushman Bharat and eSanjeevan in the future.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Rohit Sharma, CEO & Founder, ZINI AI said, “We are very excited with the launch of the India’s first ever AI Powered Health clinic, ZINI at the Mattaur village. was started with an aim to make expert medical advice accessible to everyone. We are very thankful to Mr. Kulwant Singh gracing the occasion by his presence and HDFC bank for believing in our technology. The opening of the first clinic shall envision the path towards growth and aim to reach every corner of the country with our clinical bots”

At Zini Cinics, the nurse is able to gather a patient’s vitals using medical devices and a preliminary report is created by the bot itself to guide the patient. But later on, through telemedicine and video calls, connect with real doctors as well. And they get assigned a prescription from doctors within five to 10 minutes. So, these are like different formats, applying the same technology.

In the future one might also be able to experience empathy while consulting with Zini clinics, which is a cognitive behavioural therapy as patients sometimes require emotional needs. The Zini patients will later generate a 16-digit global health ID and build personalised health recommendations in the future.

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