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Jai Madaan – Family Guru , Astrologer, contact phone, mobile , e mail id ,


Jai Madaan is a renowned Astrologer and Vaastu Expert based in New Delhi; India. A Philosophy Honours Graduate from reputed Miranda House College in Delhi, India.Jai Madaan’s spiritual journey began in the early years of her childhood. She developed a natural interest in tarot reading at a very young age. After rigorous meditation and practice she mastered the science of Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vaastu.Despite being part of a very competitive arena, Jai Madaan has earned her reputation as one of the best Astrologer in India providing the most comprehensive astrology predictions and remedies for problems to her clients for over 15 years and has helped many Individuals, Industrialists, and Business Owners. She is also a renowned Motivational Speaker and a Relationship Counselor.


Jai Madaan – Family Guru , Astrologer, contact phone / mobile  , e mail id ,

Contact Phone Nos : +91 98107 01006 , +91 92126 21840

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