Kejriwal asks Centre to review Agnipath scheme, says it is harmful for youth and country

New Delhi, June 24: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday termed the new Agnipath recruitment scheme for the Armed Forces “harmful for youth and country” and asked the Centre to review it.

“Agnipath scheme is harmful for our youth and country. After four years of service, they will be called ex-servicemen and will not get any pension… I think the Central government should review it,” Kejriwal said while speaking to the media.

The Centre had launched the Agnipath Scheme on June 14, following which the protests erupted in parts of the country with agitations turning violent in some places like Bihar, and Telangana among others.

Kejriwal had appealed to the Centre to give the youth a chance to “serve the country for the whole life and not only for four years”.

“The central government’s new scheme in army recruitment is being opposed everywhere in the country. Young people are very angry. Their demands are just right. The Army is the pride of our country, our youth want to give their whole life to the country, don’t keep their dreams tied in 4 years,” he tweeted earlier in Hindi.

“Appeal to the Central Government- Youth should be given a chance to serve the country for the whole life, not 4 years. Those who were overage due to lack of recruitment in the army for the last two years, should also be given a chance,” Kejriwal added.

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