Kerala HC objects to objection over gun in Bible scene in Malayalam film, says Hollywood films had it too

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Kochi, Jan 17 (IANS) Kerala High Court pointed out to increasing intolerance when it comes to matters of faith by referring to petition against a scene in an upcoming Malayalam film ‘Antony’ where a gun is placed in a Bible.

“Should we be so intolerant that even for a passing reference to a book you should take up objection? Even if it is Bible, doesn’t there need to be a negative reference or connotation for you to object,” asked Justice Ramachandran.

The Court remarked that whatever be the holy text used in the scene, some section would be unhappy.

“Bible is used to hide a gun so Christians are unhappy. If it is Gita, Hindus will become unhappy. If it is Quran, Muslims will be unhappy,” the judge said.

He added that such scenes were frequently there in English movies from 1960s and 70s.

“Keeping a gun in a Bible is something that has been done umpteen times in English cinema in the 60s and 70s. It is just that Malayalees are doing it now,” said the judge.

The judge then asked why the petitioner was objecting to a “fleeting scene” with a Bible.

The petitioner was challenging the release of ‘Antony’.

The Court also pointed out that the movie has been cleared by the Censor Board and the Bible in the scene has already been blurred.

“Only the movie makers will benefit from this petition. Did they ask you to file this petition? What movie is this? Antony? Has anyone watched this? This movie has already been examined by Censor Board,” the judge pointed out and he agreed to watch the objectionable portion of the movie in Court and asked the counsel to produce the same.

The case has been posted to be heard after two weeks.



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