Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd introduces new range of Gensets i-Green


New Delhi :(08/02/2019) KOEL Green is India’s largest and leading manufacturer of Power Generating sets with 30 % plus market share. KOEL announced today their latest product range of technologically advanced intelligent DG sets. This range is aptly called as i-Green series.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjeev Nimkar, Chief Operating Officer KOEL, said that,

“Customer centricity is at the heart of every innovation at KOEL. These products come with in-built feature like remote monitoring of the DG set. The DG actually does a self-diagnosis and reports if any problem electronically to the control room. The DG safeguards itself against any possible fatal eventualities.”

While speaking with Ten News he added,

“KOEL iGreen promises a new refreshing look of the gensets in synch with company’s commitment to Greener environment. We haven’t changed the price range with any single penny and we are even serving gensets with extreme nature caring factors.”

Not only that the i-Green DG set comes within built AMF panel. That means DG set will switch on automatically once grid power is off and switch off automatically once grid power is on. KOEL is the first company in India to offer this feature as standard offering right from 5kVA onwards.

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