Lala Textiles and Richa Maheshwari Launch Silencing The Darkcampaign a Blindness awareness initiative.


(lL-R)Mr. Parvez Lala, Mr Prashan, Ms Richa Maheswari & Mr. Danish Lala lounching the 2016 Calendar with Blind kids

Sightless Kids Break the Darkness on the Ramp

Lala Textiles and Richa Maheshwari Launch Silencing The Darkcampaign a Blindness awareness initiative.

Lala Textiles from Pakistan and Richa Maheshwari Films and Photography, highlighted the problems faced by blind kids through 2016 Calendar launch as a part of‘SILENCING THE DARK’ campaign on December 17, 2015 at THE PROJECT, HauzKhas Village. The Campaign is dedicated to National Association For the blind (NAB), an initiative towards Blindness Awareness to convince people for pledging to donate eyes.

The campaign started with the screening of a 2 minute short film on blindness awareness and how technology can make things better for the visually challenged. Following this was the Calendar Launch byNational Award Winner in documentary and photography,Richa Maheshwari,on the theme‘Silencing the Dark”, taking an artistic capture of how a blind man sees the world what difference we can make in their lives  to make it better. The campaign ended with a fashion Show by Lala Textilesfeaturingblind kids along with the models walking down the ramp.

ParvezLala, CEO, Lala Textile Pakistan said, “Blindness is one of the most baffling problems facing mankind. In most cases we are helpless to prevent this   however we can still make a difference by creating awareness on the cause and cure of   blindness through such initiatives. LALA has been continuously supported such initiatives as   there is a need to enable people and educate them with measures. Not much has been done in   terms of propagating the message around and the blind population is soaring high every year.   LALA, in past has been associated with numerous social causes and this time, through this   campaign we are trying to make a difference in the lives of visually impaired. Serving humanity   recognizes no boundaries. Our plan is to reach out globally and lend a helping hand.”

 Speaking on the event the Founder of Richa Maheshwari Films and Photography, RichaMaheshwarisaid, “We have been doing calendars since last three years and as per our yearly ritual to undertake a social cause with an intention to bring about some change we thought of doing a campaign on Blindness awareness. We have partnered with NAB (National Association for the Blind) which is doing commendable job and is a pioneer in educating and employing the Blind.The purpose of ‘SILENCING THE DARK’ campaign is to highlight the problem faced by mankind due to Blindness and the very fact that all blind people are not born blind and mostly lose their vision due to sheer ignorance or inability to treat certain illness on time. Adding to the debilitated state are the widespread myths associated with eye donation, the campaign is an initiative to educate people against myth and convince them for pledging to donate eyes. In cases where even eye donation does not serve the purpose, the patient could live a regular life with the help of technology advancement.”



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