Mahaveer’s return as Vanraj leads to deadly showdown with Surya Pratap in ‘Dhruv Tara’

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Mumbai, May 29 (IANS) The viewers of ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’ will be on the edge of their seats in the upcoming episodes, as Mahaveer (Krishna Bharadwaj) returns to seek revenge on Surya Pratap (Karan V. Grover) for snatching his kingdom and his family and manipulating Tara (Riya Sharma) into believing that he is a good person.

In that chaos, Mahaveer believed that his sister Tara was dead because she fought bravely to protect the king of Vallabhgarh. He feels he has failed to protect his sister, Tara. This guilt drives him to seek revenge and he is determined to make Surya Pratap pay for his actions.

The tension and drama will keep the audience hooked in the upcoming sequence.

Speaking about the episodes, Krishna, who returns as Vanraj, said: “As my character, Mahaveer, returns to the screen, I am sure that the audience can expect more drama. Mahaveer has assumed a new identity as Vanraj and his return is going to bring exciting twists in the story.”

“Right now, Vanraj is full of anger and wants revenge against Surya Pratap. This rage will lead to some intense and dramatic moments. Fans can expect a lot of action and suspense. Vanraj’s presence will shake things up and keep everyone on the edge of their seats,” he added.

The show stars Ishaan Dhawan as Dhruv.

‘Dhruv Tara’ airs Monday to Saturday at 8 p.m. on Sony SAB.



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