Mayor’s promise to carryout out a 50-day cleaning drive across Delhi is an empty rhetoric : Anuj Attrey, Delhi Congress

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NEW DELHI, January 11, 2024 Former Leader of the House   and Congress In-Charge in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Shri Jitender Kumar Kochar said that it was strange that the Mayor has realized, one year after assuming power at the MCD,  that Delhi was full of garbage and filth that  needed to be cleared urgently. He said that the Mayor’s assertion that the 50-day cleaning drive, at the rate of over four wards per day, will make Delhi free of accumulated waste, defies logic as the exercise will take several months as the past  past one year had been wasted by the ruling Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP in mutual squabbling, without doing any meaningful civic work. He said that the very fact that the Municipal Commissioner  had to present the Budget, in the absence of a Standing Committee and Ward Committees, was a betrayal on the people of Delhi, who elected the Aam Aadmi Party to power hoping better governance, but the past one year had witnessed the  functioning of the  MCD deteriorating to a dismal level.

Leader of the Congress party in the MCD Smt. Nazia Danish said that with the sanitation workers of the MCD totally disillusioned and demoralized as none of the promises made to them by the ruling party has been fulfilled, including regularization of the services of the  contract workers, and there being an urgent need to recruit around 50,000 sanitation workers to properly carry out the sanitation work across Delhi, how could the Mayor accomplish the sanitation drive in 50 days was anybody’s guess. She said that the functioning of the MCD was in a total mess, with the Mayor even disallowing the Congress Councillors from raising people’s demands and concerns in the MCD House.

Delhi Congress spokesperson Shri Anuj Attrey said that before the MCD elections, tall promises like flattening the three landfill mountains at Ghazipur, Balaswa and Okhla and making Delhi clean and neat had been made by the ruling party, but it forgot about all its promises after coming to power. He said that  the landfill mountains only got taller and filth and garbage accumulated everywhere in the Capital as the short-staffed sanitation workforce in the MCD was too inadequate to clear the garbage mess. He said that overflowing drains and accumulated garbage have become a serious health hazard to the people, and with the Corona virus raising its head  in the Capital yet again, the Mayor should ensure a thorough lifting of the garbage, instead of making empty rhetoric.

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