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MEA working on developing Mobility and Migration Partnerships: Sanjay Bhattacharyya, Secretary (CPV & OIA)

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NEW DELHI, 14 September 2021: Sanjay Bhattacharyya, Secretary (CPV & OIA) & Appellate Authority, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India today said that a new Immigration Bill will soon be in Parliament for approval and will provide a simplified structure for a transparent and dynamic interplay of all the stakeholders.

LEADS is curated as a strategic platform for global leaders from Asia, Europe, Africa, CIS, Americas & the Pacific, to deliberate on the tenets of Leadership, economic Excellence and Adaptability to change and to build on pillars of Diversity and Sustainability.

Addressing the inaugural session of the 2nd Edition of FICCI LEADS on the theme ‘Future of Partnership’, Bhattacharyya said, “For integration and alignment of our overseas external environment with domestic priorities it is crucial that our policy be mainstream in our development process,” he added.

Speaking on trends in India’s external migration and mobility Bhattacharyya said, “Aligning domestic priorities with external perspectives is necessary in a globalised and dynamic world. It will benefit from mainstreaming of external migration and mobility policies in the development agenda.”

Highlighting the importance of FICCI LEADS 2021, Bhattacharyya said, “I hope this initiative with FICCI will promote and encourage collaborations to address two key developments as we look towards the future – structural changes in economic systems, and disruptive technological transformations.”

As a way ahead towards future of partnerships, he said, “MEA is working on developing Mobility and Migration Partnerships with various countries, as being done with Korea, Taiwan and Mauritius.”

Dr Siddeek Ahmed, CMD, ERAM Group, Saudi Arabia noted, “LEADS 2021 has been well received and Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India’s support proved invaluable to the profile of the initiative.”

Dr Ahmed further stated that increasing reliance on artificial intelligence and machine learning is the need of the hour, as these will be gateway for enhanced customer loyalty, as well as business sustainability.

Dilip ChenoySecretary General, FICCI said, “The initiative endeavours to encapsulate what lies ahead for the world and for businesses; are they ready to see beyond the obvious and seek new ideas for their very survival in uncertain and very dynamic future that awaits businesses across the globe.”

Speaking on global challenges, Chenoy highlighted the unprecedented changes over the years from trade wars to de-risking investments, depletion of natural resources to climate change, technologically driven systems to new age automation that have led to a formidable change in business models and functioning of governments and institutions. Going forward, he urged industry leaders for collective action stating. “We must begin by asking the right questions and work together to identify out-of-the box solutions,” added Chenoy.

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