A medicine that can treat Heart, mind and anti-immune related diseases in one go, launches in Delhi

Kashif Hasnain (Photo/Video) By Lokesh Goswami Ten News Delhi :

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New Delhi: Treatment of Heart, mind and anti-immune disease are more become easier with a new herbal medicine KDS4.
As per the company claim, it is revolutionary medicine which will cure heart, mind and anti-immune related disease. After a successful trail in US, Singapore and Malaysia, this medicine now launched in India and a certain dose of this alternative medicine can cure many diseases. Till then, they have treated more than ten lakh patients all over the world.

The company has launched the product in national capital today.
While launching the medicine, MD of the company and maker of KDS4 Dr. Akhwri Shankar said it’s a phyto-genetic medicine, which is helpful in the treatment of the degenerative diseases. Due to modern life style few cells of our body mutates, and this is the reason of most diseases. KDS4 is available in liquid and paste form. A certain dose of this medicine can help to treat spondylitis, slip disc, muscular dystrophy etc.
“We have already launched this medicine in Mumbai, Jammu and Kashmir and now we are launching in New Delhi today. The medicine will be available in the medical stores as well as on e-commerce website,” he added.

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