Modi-Shah need to keep the fringe groups under a tight leash:

Many in the BJP would indubitably agree that the laudable works of Modi and his ardent team in the last 6 months have unnecessarily been impacted by the unwarranted rhetorics of certain fringe elements who think themselves to be the rightful and self-appointed custodians of Hinduism.

Needlessly raking up controversial issues at critical times seems to have become a habit for a certain coterie within the present day government. Following the abusive ranting by Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti in a public rally, and the subsequent apology by her party colleagues, one expected the party cadre to be graceful in their conduct, and keep the focus on core issues like development, reducing inflation and creation of more jobs etc. The embers from the Sadhvi saga had not even cooled when the government got into a bigger predicament with the issue of conversions on the basis of religion getting reported from the city of Taj. In such as scenario, the staunch BJP supporter feels let down when instead of taking the nation to glorious heights, the nation is plunged into darkness with such nonsensical actions by fanatics.

Instead of being progressive, there are some within the government that happen to be extremely regressive in their ideologies. Such leaders are a big blot on the nation as they recklessly spew venom wherever they go through their ill-timed speeches, actions and gestures. These fringe elements need to be not only reined in, but sternly reprimanded for hampering `the pace of development at both the micro as well as macro levels.

Our nation can no longer afford to delay the pace of developmental works as we are already lagging behind on several frontiers.

To make matters worse, there are some loose cannons that have not even spared Mahatma Gandhi by labelling his assassin Nathu Ram Godse as a patriot.

OMG! Do these ‘beings’ have to be taken back to the classrooms to be taught that the name of the tallest iconic personality of the country needs to be precluded for gaining any sort of political edge over rivals. In the reckless pursuit of achieving their 15 minutes of fame, these fringe elements have no business for dragging Gandhi into the picture by singing praises in favour of his assassin Nathu Ram Godse.

If they think that by sanctimoniously indulging in all these acts, they will manage to expand their clout in the country and make their party proud, then they are all sadly mistaken. They are being oblivious to two key facts, one that their highly reprehensible acts would lead to antagonizing a major chunk of the society against their Party, and second that if these hate mongers are not gagged once and for all, it will provide all the ammunition to the opposition who will be too happy to oblige by capitalizing on the blunders of the ruling party, and by stealing the thunder of the present PM’s visionary plans for the country. It’s a fact that the opposition especially the Congress has no real issue at hand to counter the growing popularity of PM Modi except rake the age old debate of communalism versus secularism. The top brass of BJP needs to question such hate mongers on the sadistic pleasure they derive by providing fodder to the opposition through their cynical actions.

With the assembly elections underway in key states, political rivals of NDA are feeling the heat as the indefatigable combo of PM Modi and Shah are making huge dents in the traditional bastions of the regional satraps. If the humungous crowds are any indication, then it seems yet another big clean sweep by Modi and co with the exception of Jammu & Kashmir state where BJP’s mission 44+ seems improbable. The political adversaries on the other hand, are refuting that the huge turnouts in the public rallies of Modi or Amit Shah might not eventually translate into votes for BJP forgetting in the process that that the Lok Sabha polls of 2014 too reflected a similar pattern thereby suggesting that the tide is tilted towards the developmental agenda of BJP and their ally partners.

When the Janta Parivar comprising the SP, JD (U), JD (S), RJD met at Mulayam Singh Yadav’s residence recently, the body language of most of the leaders, especially Nitish Kumar said it all. Though the stalwarts were putting up brave faces, many seemed disenchanted with the present day state of affairs, and how tables have been turned on them. Modi incontestably is a great unifying factor for arch political rivals who in the present day, are ready to shake hands simply to keep themselves afloat and politically relevant. Prime instance being JD (U) and RJD in Bihar, and TMC and the Left Parties in West Bengal.

Except than setting aside their old differences and forging an alliance to checkmate the phenomenal popularity graph of Modi, they too have nothing concrete. It is not that there is any bankruptcy of intelligent ideas, but because the opposition parties are still not ready to go beyond the realms of caste based, religion based appeasement politics. While these religion parties go over the roof tagging BJP as a ‘communal force’, they forget to look within. Why are they speechless when questioned about their unrelenting appeasement policy and caste based politics?

As for BJP, their top brass needs to be serious about ensuring a peaceful running of both the houses of the Parliament sans any major disruptions and adjournments. For achieving this, they must get their act together, and issue a serious warning to all their MPs directing them to stay low profile, and instead focus on their targets.

Even a person with an average level IQ could say with all authority that there was just no need for the government to get embroiled in any superfluous contentious issues. That too, when the government led from the front by their charismatic PM was enjoying the undivided support, love and affection of the masses not only in India, but on the global front.

The 21st century Indian voter pays negligible heed to issues that don’t concern them on a day to day basisi. Wherever Modi goes, he has been successful in relating to the issues of the common man on the street by spelling their day to day grievances and challenges. This indubitably has been the cornerstone of the action oriented Indian PM. The reason why countless of people across the length and breadth of the country listen to Modi seriously and passionately is because he talks and rakes issues that concern each one of them on a day today basis.

This is precisely why his party cadre and colleagues need to think twice before shooting their mouth off every now and then, leaving the embarrassed top brass with the task of dousing the fire.

Both Prime Minister Modi as well as BJP President Amit Shah need to demonstrate in action once that they are tough taskmasters with zero tolerance towards anyone posing a threat to the internal peace and stability of the country. If there is political will, then the two can expediently do so, by either suspending or demoting those spreading hate through their actions or speeches.

The Delhi elections results are going to be a big shot in the arm and a watershed moment for BJP as AAP no longer seems to be the party of the common man.

Wresting power from Congress after many years would be a momentous feat for the BJP. Thanks to their inner fighting and bickering over key issues, the AAP may finally scramble home with 15-18 seats, but that will entitle them to just play the role of the principal opposition party in the Legislative Assembly.

The clock is ticking fast, and alone ‘actions’ will demonstrate that “Achhe Din” have arrived for all those that reposed a world of confidence and faith on Modi’s indomitability, competence and above all, strong grit to make things happen, and not be a mute spectator like his predecessor.

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