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How Much Fun Is A Rummy Game? 5 Reasons Why It Is Trending

How Much Fun Is A Rummy Game? 5 Reasons Why It Is Trending

In the recent years, 24X7 rummy games have witnessed as surge in the number of players of the game. Rummy with its online format continues to enthrall the players even today. Despite the presence of other social card games like Poker and Teen Patti, rummy is still one of the favourite games among players and is also one of the top trending games in India. We all know rummy is easy to learn and an absolute delight when it comes to playing. But, the story doesn’t end here. Several other reasons too are responsible for making rummy one of the trending online games.
#1: Simple rules and easy to learn
Unlike some of the other card games, 24X7 rummy is easy to learn and play as the rules are simple. It is about arrangement of cards in certain ways called sets and sequences based on the rules. The rules are not complicated and anyone with an average intelligence and knowledge can also play the game. Hence, in India, rummy has been very popular in family and friends circles. Anyone can play – young or old, men or women – everyone enjoys the game equally.
#2: 100% legal to play
Rummy is one of few card games recognized by the Supreme Court as legal to play. According to the Apex Court, playing 24×7 rummy games and even cash games are legal as it based on skills and not completely driven by chance. The legal status given to rummy has made many rummy lovers play the game without any fear or inhibition.
#3: 24X7 games availability
Rummy was always the favourite card game for Indians. And with the game moving to the digital format and the availability of 24X7 rummy games has made rummy enthusiasts cheer with joy. Rummy sites offer never before gaming experience and features. The options to play different variants of Indian rummy such as Pools, Points and Deals rummy has intensified the interest among players leading to many opting to play the 24X7 games regularly.
#4: Promotions and rewards
Never before was rummy so interesting as it is now. With various rummy sites offering round the clock promotions, bonuses and cash rewards, rummy players are hogging the fun and excitement as they play rummy games. Players may choose to play rummy either for fun or for cash and still enjoy the excitement quintessential of the rummy games.

#5: Convenience to play on mobile
In the last couple of years, mobiles have become invariably the preferred mode of doing any task. Whether it is shopping online, or making bill payments – people prefer to use mobiles for all their mundane tasks. Games are not behind too. With rummy games made available as free to download apps, rummy revelers couldn’t have asked for more. The convenience of playing rummy online 24×7 games on mobiles has in fact catapulted the growth of rummy all of a sudden.
Rummy – always interesting and forever fun to play
The simplicity of a game like rummy has been able to strike the right chord in the hearts of the people. Even after so many decades, the popularity of rummy has not diminished at all.

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