Muslim women hold massive rally against Triple Talaq Bill at Ram Lila Maidan, New Delhi

Kashif Hasnain (Photo/Video - Lokesh Goswami)


New Delhi: The Ram Lila Maidan witnessed a massive women rally today as the women of Muslim community clad in black hijab gathered at maidan to raise their voice against triple Talaq Bill 2017 passed by Lok Sabha recently.

Citing Triple Talaq Bill is an attack on the Sharia laws, anti-Muslim women, anti-children and intentionally move to affect Muslim women thousands of Muslim women hold a massive rally at Ram Lila Maidan in Delhi today and registered their strong disappointment against union government’s Triple Talaq Bill 2017.

Since the Union Government has tabled the Triple Talaq Bill in the Parliament, pro-Muslim organisations and women holding rallies and protest across the country against the bill.

In this row, on April 2, 2018, Muslim women hold a massive rally at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan.

Women from Delhi and nearby districts gathered at Ram Lila maidan holding posters and pamphlets against the bill. They have been demanding, Union Government to immediately withdraw the bill because neither this bill will eradicate the social evil instant Triple Talaq nor they don’t want any interruption in Sharia Laws.

While talking to Ten News, one of the protestor, Uzma said, “The Supreme Court has passed an order saying that triple talaq is unconstitutional. Then what was the need to criminalise it? If the man is arrested and put behind bars for three years, who will look after his family and provide them maintenance?”

Interrupting Uzma, one of the protestor said, “There are other issues of Muslim women like Poverty and illiteracy, Prime Minister Modi should fix it by providing us employment and education first later he think about our rights. We will take our right if we are literate. Moreover, he should first fix his own relation with wife then ours.”

Meanwhile, a women came from Deoband district of Uttar Pradesh said, “We believe that the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017, was passed in haste. It was processed without consulting religious scholars and intellectuals of the community. The Bill is against the Constitution, and is anti-women and anti-children. The matter is also anti-social as a civil contract is penalised by converting a civil matter into a criminal offence

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