Navjyoti Bal Gurukul celebrates second Foundation Day By Bipin Sharma

Navjyoti Bal Gurukul showcased a unique Child Leadership model on the occasion of its second Foundation Day on December 21, 2015. The event highlighted the accomplishments of more than 700 children living in slums and villages that were actively working as Bal Gurukul Leaders and had brought about a drastic transformation in the lives of 7000 other children of the community. It was aptly demonstrated in the event how the replication of this distinctive Child Leadership model possessed colossal potential of ushering in a gigantic revolution in today’s generation as it all revolved around promoting value based leadership by doing various innovative techniques.

The event saw Navjyoti India Foundation showcase value-based leadership model for the children of urban slums in Delhi and Haryana.

Navjyoti Bal Gurukul 1

The leadership model is part of the Bal Gurukul Project run by the organization where children from the under-served communities get to impart skills and knowledge to other children of their communities. Besides, the Foundation showcased child leadership model for combating the burning issue of illiteracy. Amongst the attendees were prominent educationists and school representatives besides a large gathering of children. Another special feature of the event was the showcasing of a comic series book visualized and developed by the children of Bal Gurukul Project which happened to have been inspired by the real lives of the slum children.

The event was graced by Dr. Kiran Bedi, the founder Member of Navjyoti India Foundation which is a not-for-profit organization founded by 16 serving officers of Delhi Police with a holistic mission of working with the vulnerable sections of the society. As a matter of fact, Navjyoti which is operational in parts of Delhi and Haryana since 1988, has impacted over four lakh lives by enabling them towards the goal of “self-reliance” through its myriad interventions in areas of Child Education, Skills Upgradation of Youth and community development.

The emphasis of the Foundation has been on collective peer learning by children to fast-forward literacy in India.

Guest of Honor Chris Elstoft, Deputy High Commissioner- Australia High Commission observed, “The children of the foundation are very confident and participative at such a young age. Development is about changing our behavior. When we talk of education, children can also be taught through peer-learning. Navjyoti’s model of child leadership is very unique and impressive. We are proud to support such a program”.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Founder Member, Navjyoti India Foundation shared, “Our Bal Gurukul project is a reservoir of learning. India is the largest youth democracy with huge illiteracy. Our child leadership model is a fast-forward solution to illiteracy where the focus is on collective peer learning by children”.

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Noted social crusader Santosh V. Kalyani remarked, “Kudos to the entire team of Navjyoti India Foundation for all their painstaking efforts. Young minds who would work cohesively towards raising standards to become responsible citizens, build a strong value system, and inculcate virtues which would channelize all their latent energies towards the right ends.”

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