Nitish Kumar will not join NDA again, says Lalan Singh

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Patna, Sep 28 (IANS) JD-U President Lalan Singh on Thursday sharply reacted to the rumours regarding, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar joining back NDA, said that ‘he would not even spit at BJP’.

The statement of Lalan Singh came at a time when Nitish Kumar recently met with the PM Narendra Modi during G 20 dinner party at the president house and he also visited the statue of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay in Patna.

When asked about Nitish Kumar recent moves, Lalan Singh said: “Forget about looking at BJP, Nitish Kumar will not even spit at BJP. BJP is not a party which can be looked at. What is the existence of BJP?”

He said that BJP had promised many things but not fulfilled even a single promise.

“Modi failed to provide two crore jobs. He has no control over price rise. This government has even failed to give Rs 15 lakh which they had promised. BJP only creates confusion in the society. The producers and directors sitting in the media organisations are spreading confusion and they are being controlled by Amit Shah,” Singh alleged.

He said that there are some leaders in the JD-U who are acting like agents of BJP.

“One of them was Professor Ranvir Nandan. We have thrown him out of the party. He was trying to become the adviser of the Chief Minister but he always decides the strategy and policy,” Singh said.

Following the statement of Lalan Singh, Samrat Chaudhary, the state president of BJP sharply reacted, saying: “The political birth of Nitish Kumar happened due to BJP. He became Bihar’s Chief Minister five times with the help of BJP.”

“Who is inviting Nitish Kumar to come to the NDA. BJP has already declared him as Paltu Kumar. Lalu Prasad called him Paltu Kumar and he will remain Paltu Kumar,” Chaudhary said.

“RJD has a vote bank but Nitish Kumar does not have any vote bank. He is zero now,” Chaudhary said.



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