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1. Use tissue paper and make a mask if in shortage
2. Take 60% alcohol and add 40% aloe vera gel for making sanitisers
3. Have side to side meeting and not face to face meeting
4. Acquire all hotels under epidemic disease act and make them quarantine isolation rooms
5. Learn to speak softly
6. Shouting in public places not allowed
7. No hand -hakes please
8. Declare no coughing zones (all public places)
9. All new cinema halls to have 3 feet distance between two seats
10. Doctors table: 3 ft x 3 ft
11. All medical non urgent medical follow ups by tele consultation
12. Treat patients in future at home, hospital only for emergencies
13. Movies without hand shakes
14. Prefer ventilated, sun, houses than 24 hour AC houses
15. Non Central AC airports and trains
16. Virus resistant surfaces, walls, cloths
17. Viral labs all over
18. Research on nosodes
19. Research on Virus Bhasmas
20. SARI and Viral diseases to be made notifiable
21. No cutting of animals in open market
22. Indigenous production of diagnostics
23. In epidemics only 20% margins to be allowed om essential items
24. One government authorised doctor to be available on each panel of news channels, to give government preparedness
25. Indian Medical Association ( NMA) on board on all government policies.

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