Only 26% Meta Employees Confident in Zuckerberg’s Leadership, reveals survey

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New Delhi (11/06/2023): Two months after Meta laid off thousands of employees from its technical teams, an internal survey conducted by the parent entity of Facebook and Instagram has revealed that only about one-fourth of the employees are confident in the leadership of the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg.

The Wall Street Journal has reported of the sudden collapse in Zuckerberg’s popularity among his employees.

According to the study, the company’s employee poll indicated that only 26% of staff respondents expressed confidence in the leadership, a five percentage point reduction from October 2022.

The internal survey had taken place before the final layoffs at the end of May. In addition, only 43% of responsive employees reported they felt valued, which is a 15% decrease.

According to current and former employees, the layoffs, which now total more than 21,000, continue to erode morale at Meta.

The drop in leadership confidence could be linked to Meta’s extensive reorganisation process over the last seven months.

Meta began the first phase of layoffs in November 2022, resulting in the dismissal of 11,000 people, or roughly 13% of the total workforce. This was followed by a second round of layoffs, with the social media behemoth saying that it will be letting go of 10,000 employees over the next two months.

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