Lokesh Garg – An Inspiring Musical Journey

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Question 1: Can you tell us about your musical journey? What inspired you to start making music and singing?

Answer: Music is a divine gift, and those who have it in their hearts are truly fortunate. It acts as a natural remedy, dispelling negativity and illness. I have always found joy in music, and I attribute my ability to pursue it to divine grace. Music is an inherent talent, and its nurturing is overseen by a higher power. While others may gauge my progress, I simply immerse myself in music and enjoy the process without overthinking. By God’s grace, I’ve managed to balance my musical passion with my other ventures, such as my tea brand, and family responsibilities. Finding time for music is a blessing; if you truly love something, you make time for it. Music brings me immense happiness.


Question 2: How would you define music, and what does it mean to you?

Answer: Music is a sacred art, bestowed by Lord Shiva upon those deemed worthy. It emanates from within and profoundly influences our lives. Our brains function like hard drives, storing everything we experience. Writing songs is a mental exercise and a cherished hobby. The process of crafting meaningful lyrics and setting them to melody happens naturally. When we infuse words with music, they transform into songs. This creative process is a testament to the power of determination; if you have the will, you find a way to manage everything.


Question 3: Have you had any mentors who significantly influenced your musical journey?

Answer: Yes, I have been fortunate to have mentors who greatly impacted my musical path. My brother Mohd.Zakir ji taught me about music composition when I moved to Delhi, serving as my primary music guru. Additionally, Ravi Chopra, my songwriting guru, guided me in the art of lyricism. I am deeply grateful to both of them for their invaluable contributions to my journey.


Question 4: Could you tell us about your production house and your vision for it?

Answer: I founded D&D Spinster Entertainment to provide a platform for talented individuals. Our country is brimming with talent, yet many lack opportunities to showcase it. Through several YouTube channels, we promote new singers by featuring them in various projects, including the numerous bhajans I have sung with them. It brings me great joy to offer these artists a stage to display their abilities.


Question 5: You have released several music albums. Are there more projects in the pipeline?

Answer: Absolutely, we have multiple projects in progress. While I can’t detail them all, I am involved in every aspect of production, from music direction to lyricism and overall management of the company. One upcoming project I am particularly excited about is “Baskar Pagli Rulaaki,” a romantic song penned by my mentor, Ravi Chopra. We are working on a captivating video for it, and I look forward to its release.


Question 6: Are you planning to do live shows in addition to your music albums? Which location has been your favorite?

Answer: Yes, live performances are on the horizon. Although circumstances previously prevented me from starting earlier, I am now eager to connect with audiences through live shows. The support and love from the public are immensely motivating. Among the places I’ve visited, Mussoorie stands out as a favorite destination for my projects, and it continues to inspire me.

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