Over 16 Lakh Passengers Affected by Flight Disruptions Since 2017, Reveals data


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New Delhi, August 9, 2023: The Indian government revealed that more than 16 lakh passengers have been impacted by flight disruptions between 2017 and June 2023. In response to Communist Party of India (CPI) member of Parliament (MP) Binoy Viswam’s inquiry in the Rajya Sabha, Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Dr. VK Singh provided a written reply.

Since 2017, a staggering 56,607 scheduled flights were canceled, causing substantial inconvenience to passengers. Compensation totaling ₹31.83 crore was disbursed to affected passengers during this period. The year 2019 saw the highest number of compensations, largely attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent complete closure of civil aviation operations in the country.

Union Minister VK Singh stated that the primary reasons for flight cancellations include technical, operational, weather, commercial, and other miscellaneous factors. Responding to the revelations, Binoy Viswam expressed concerns about the efficacy and dependability of the nation’s airlines and their commitment to passengers.

Viswam, also the president of the Kerala Pravasi Federation, criticized the situation of Air India post-privatization. He alleged that despite the promised benefits of privatization, the airline reported 580 flight cancellations within a year and a half since the privatization in 2022.

Viswam emphasized that the magnitude of passengers affected by these cancellations leads to distress, inconvenience, and economic losses. He stressed the importance of a reliable air travel system that proactively addresses such issues and called for enhanced transparency, accountability, and a thorough review of the compensation framework.

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