Petrol prices change on daily basis, attacks pocket of common man: Petrol Buyers

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Showcasing the anger towards fluctuation of Petrol prices at a daily basis, several consumers stated that, it’s really annoying for everyone to pay different prices on different days. Petrol Pump supervisors are of thought that, it has created a new hurdle for us.

Talking to a Petrol Pump Supervisor Dinesh Kumar, he stated that, petrol prices are revised daily and within fortnight the petrol prices have risen from Rs 64.50 approximately to Rs 69.82 on August 24, it’s a high rise and no one has noticed.


He further said that, we also face different problems after this implementation as we have to change price after 12:00 AM. Government has created a big crisis among the dealers after this implementation, he added.


A private employee said that, it’s an attack on common man’s pocket and I don’t think it’s a correct decision by the Union government.

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