PM Narendra Modi prominently supported the journey of Biking Queens and their magnificent aim


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Riding is what more than half of the population does, but, riding with a cause is what only a handful aims for. Biking Queens from Surat has yet again established a record breaking journey and won our hearts. In this male dominant world bikes have largely been associated with men. To the contrary these 40 women riders have broken all stereotypes and noted a remarkable example. “Women are already Powered” is the slogan they stand by. They also targeted to attempt numerous records.



    We are specifically talking about the yet another record breaking journey of the biking queens which started from Surat. The women riders comprised of professionals, house wives, students, and many others that rode for the cause of Shashakta Nari Shashakta Bharat. The ride started from Surat to Kanyakumari, Varanasi, Khardung la, J&K, Punjab, and now Delhi which means, 10,000+km. The women riders spread the message of save girl child, women empowerment, Beti Bachao Beti PadhaoSwach Bharat Abhiyan along with the sole mission of Shashakta Nari Shashakta Bharat.



    The riders met all communities, government concern dignitaries, the different segment groups, NGO’s, associations, riding groups, localities, schools, etc, to spread as much as possible. They also looked after the concern of health, sanitation, hygiene, education, etc in various campaigns. The biking queens of Surat celebrated 71th Independence day with this astounding target. They gave their part of life to spread awareness through their motivational life story which symbolizes the rights, hopes, and aspirations of the women of a life of dignity and equality.

    Recently the 40 biking queens were in the capital and interacted with the media in a conference. The conference witnessed the presence of the 40 biking queens. The biking queens connected with the media right after their special lunch and meeting with the PM, Narendra Modi in the time of 12-3. Following up to the pursuit of the PM, the biking queens have been seen to achieve the desired goals that the PM had set. He congratulated them and talked with girls about experience of their expedition.  He also discussed about the hardships. He has shared photos on his tweeter also.  

    Founder of biking queens, Dr. Sarika Mehta, on being asked about the journey said, “We experienced a lot of worthy moments. We also received a positive and successful feedback from the states and villages that we visited. Some routes were extremely difficult for us to cover that are famous for their risk factors. But together we have overcome it all. We all dream for a better India but then we, the biking queens urge everyone to initiate. I would also like to ask all women to step out of the comfort zone and work to achieve their dreams. On the top of all, the support that we got from the PM Modi was of the great help and it motivates us a lot.”

    Biking queens with their whole sole message and efforts have broken all odds and thus justify their slogan. Yes, “Women are already powered” is what we mean. 


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