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Profile of Prof. Dr. Siddharth Gupta.

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Professor Dr Siddharth Gupta Corona warrior, an eminent Senior Professor n the speciality of Oral dental health care as an Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiologist, Comparative Global Health Care administrator with vast experience. Dr Gupta has been working extensively in-Patient education, counselling and patient motivation in quitting the adverse habits of tobacco consumption thereby prevention of mouth Cancer, specific identification of the cause in patients with Oral cancer and patients with potentially malignant disorders.

He has also been providing treatment with anti-oxidant therapies and alternative medicinal treatment thereby eliminating the ill adverse habits of tobacco in poor and economically deprived patients and increasing the life span of the patients.

Professor Gupta is also actively involved in numerous health Camps to promote awareness, and that provide treatment to patients with oral dental disorders.

Moreover, he is also widely Published in various International, National Journals, have been an Organizing committee member for various National / International Scientific conferences, symposiums, conventions, Continuing education programmes along with Key Resource Team Member for Oral Health Care and  HIV AIDS patients for Oral Health Care Providers in collaboration with University of Alabama School of Dentistry.

Professor Gupta has also been Chairperson for various Scientific Sessions in Interdisciplinary National / International Postgraduate conventions. He has also actively involved in various Skill Development programmes, Entrepreneurships and Digital India Movement that makes our country forward.  Professor Gupta is also MBA Health care administration Project research and Guest faculty with prestigious Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi. During COVID-19, Dr Gupta has tremendously worked in Anti Corona Task Force as Senior Health care administrator thereby, counselling, guiding and managing the patients with COVID-19.

 Achievement (s)

  1. Dr Gupta has been an organiser and active participant in various Health awareness, Dental and Medical Camps providing facilities to poor and financially deprived patients with emphasis on   tobacco cessation having an impact in improving the lives of the patients.
  2. Recognition in the field of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship by various Union Cabinet Ministers, Ministry of Tribal affairs, MSME, Skill development in Government of India.
  3. Key Scientific Organisers, Scientific Chairpersons in inter-disciplinary academic forums, Represented India at various National and International forums.

National Awards

  1. By Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and radiology for key roles in organising various National Summits.
  2. Organised Digital India programmes in association with prestigious organisations, in presence of Hon. Union Cabinet Ministers, Government of India.
  3. Scientific Meritorious awards and excellence as Chairpersons in numerous Oro-dental & Health symposiums organised at National level and Strategic Thinker from IIM Indore.

International Awards

  1. Recognition and Represented India at Athens Institute of Education and Research (ATINER) and West Asian Summit.
  2.  Represented India in World Saint Petersburg International Economic Forums and BRICS forum thereby emphasising upon the aspect of Economics and Health Care planning in India.
  3. Representing India in Middle East Organic Natural Expo and promoted Role of Ancient Indian health care and traditional practices.
  4. Health care presentations and academic teaching with University of Ajman UAE.
  5. Bridging collaboration University College of Dublin (Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, UCD) wherein academic and corporate world meet.

Contribution to the field

  1. Multi-disciplinarian involvement in the field of health care as an Academician, Consultant, Doctor for poor patients and contributing at various levels in improving parameters of Health care system across the length and breadth of our Nation and across India.

Contribution to the Society

  1. Working extensively in organising and participating in various health camps that emphasises on tobacco cessation and healthy life style promotion.
  2.  Improving the life span of patients with potentially oro-dental cancer patients and increasing their longevity.
  3. Participation in Nation movement, initiatives of Honourable Prime Minister of India to unify Skill India, Digital India and Health entrepreneurship and welfare of Tribal population.

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