Raghav Chadha targets BJP for deletion of 1.2 lakh votes in one year

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New Delhi : Aam Aadmi Party leader Raghav Chadha released a new statement by election commission regarding a fall in the total number of voters from the capital.

He blamed BJP for deduction of more then 1,22,000 voters from voting lists within last one year.


Raghav Chadha said, “BJP is trying really very hard for the creation of their government in the national capital but they are unaware that our people knows the truth and we are gonna resolve this issue very soon as it is affecting votes that are reserved for our party. Few days before, while we checked the names that were deleted from voting list, we found deletion of names that were of relatives of our own Karyakartas.”

Commenting on the work process of opposition leader Manoj Tiwari, Raghav said,



“Tiwari can’t be given any proper answer for the questions he put on against us. He is very weak with numbers. He can’t understand anything related to the deletion of votes as it consists of number and his mathematics needs improvement. I myself have been a chartered accountant and I would be glad to provide him with some mathematics sessions.”

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