Rashtriya Brahman Yuvjan Sabha to celebrate Parshuram Jayanti on 20th April at JantarMantar


Rashtriya Brahman Yuvjan Sabha to celebrate Parshuram Jayanti on 20th April at JantarMantar

The youth brigade of Rashtriya Brahman Yuvjan Sabha is all set for a grand celebration of Lord Parshuram Jayanti on 20th April, 2015 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. In an exclusive chat with the media, the National President of the organization Ashutosh Pandey expressed optimism that the government of the day would pay heed to their long impending wish of declaring a National Holiday onthe auspicious occasion of Lord Parashuram’s Birthday. An incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Parshuram has colossal mythological significance, and the Parashuram Kund, in particular, that has been a source of perennial spiritual inspiration to countless devotees since many years.

Ever since it came into existence some 10 years ago in 2005, the Rashtriya Brahman Yuvjan Sabha has been relentlessly spearheading the campaign for according a religious heritage status to one of the greatest Hindu sages, Lord Parshuram, and the Parshuram Kund in Arunachal Pradesh. Pandey informs that it were the tireless efforts of the countless volunteers, members, and devotees that few states such as UP, Gujarat, MP and J & K declared state holidays for commemorating Lord Parshuram’s Birthday celebrations.

The devotees got a shot in the arm when the plans to build a dam for a hydroelectric project on the Lohit River were shelved by the government purely to prevent the submergence of the ‘holy’ rocks dedicated to Lord Parashuram. The rocks, embedded in a circular form in the Lohit River bed, are worshipped as Parashuram Kund. Sharing the historical facts, Sudha Bhardwaj, the national women president of Rashtriya Brahman Yuvjan Sabha said, “Devotees of Lord Parshuram feel dejected that even after so many years, their God has been devoid of a national level status. Respective governments since independence have ignored the mythological significance of Lord Parshuram. Parshuram Kund located in a remote segment of Arunachal Pradesh besides the banks of the river Lohit is hailed as a sacred pilgrim spot of Hindus. Ironically a considerable segment of the population is  still oblivious about the Kund. Nonetheless, during Makar Sankranti every year, lakhs of devotes converge on this spot to seek spiritual enlightenment, and for cleansing themselves of all their sins. Lord Parshuram played a vital role in the Mahabharata and Ramayana, serving as a guru to Bhishma, Karna and Drona.” Reiterating his organizations demands, Ashutosh Pandey pointed, “Declaring Lord Parshuram’s birthday as a National Holiday in the country remains our foremost demand. Besides, we have been requesting the authorities to revamp the infrastructure around Parshuram Kund so that the place not only wears a religious heritage look, but devotees too have a convenient time during their pilgrimage. The potholed roads need urgent carpeting. One of the most burning issues that need to be urgently addressed is the inadequate fodder for a large population of 600 cows at this pilgrim spot. Ditto holds true for the 12 local based saints that too are hard pressed for their basic daily needs. For women, there are no changing rooms or separate division in and around the Kund. Neither doctors nor adequate healthcare amenities have been provided to cater to any contingency when there is a large congregation of devotees at the Parshuram Kund especially during Makar Sankranti period, or any other festive period. We will effectively apprise the Modi government about all our justifiable demands which include providing a heritage look to the area around the Parshuram Kund, and declaration of a National Holiday in honour of the great Hindu sage, Lord Parshuram.”

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